Tinder Gold Review (2022) – Is Upgrading Worth The Cost?

Tinder Gold Review: Is It Worth it?

Tinder Gold Review (2022) – Is Upgrading Worth The Cost?

It’s not often that “neuroscientist” and “Tinder” show up in the same sentence, but that didn’t stop a team of researchers from the Netherlands. They used high-tech devices and research methods like an EEG and eye tracking to find out once and for all what elements combine to form the most attractive Tinder photo.

Upload a few to a site like Photofeeler and let the masses weigh in. You can also use Tinder’s Smart Photo feature to automatically use the most right-swiped photos, but the downside is your primary photo will keep rotating. The app claims using the feature will give you a 12% boost in your match rate.

I tried Tinder Gold, here’s what I learned. : Tinder

Lesson 3: Girls rarely try to get to know you back. This is all dating apps really, but most girls will politely or sometimes enthusiastically talk about themselves, but rarely ask any questions. I’m sure many men ask them out anyway, but for me it just made the conversations die out. Not into one-sided conversation.

Overall, I feel Tinder is probably the worst dating app out there right now as far as active users and users who actually would be open to meeting up. Okc is probably a close second, but at least most people on Okc have bios so you have a jumping off point for skipping the small talk.

Over Christmas break I was a bit buzzed and signed up for Tinder Gold for a month. I’m 32/m in a big city, and am about an 7-8 in the looks department. Tinder Gold let’s you see everyone who swiped right on you, and then you can swipe right back at anytime you please, you also get 5 super likes a day, and one free Boost. I probably got about 500 likes over the month, and chose to match with about 100, messaging about 50 (not just with a hey).

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