Tinder Cougar : FULL Guide to Using Tinder to Find Cougars

Tinder Cougars [FULL Guide to Using Tinder to Find Cougars]

Using Tinder to hook up with cougars? (older women) Is there a better app

Ive been getting over an ex with Tinder and Ive always wanted to hook up with a cougar. Im 24 and although I set my range to 100 miles and age to 31+ Ive only gotten one match that hasnt responded and one that “was active” 6 months ago. Is there any way to make sure these ladies see my profile and that Ive swiped right on their age range exclusively, or is it entirely dependent on their age settings? If so, is there a better way/app/site to find and hook up with older women who are looking for younger guys?

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I would suggest adding 4-5 pictures in total, but you need to make sure that your profile picture is your best one. If you’re not sure which one to choose, ask a friend to help (preferably a female friend). And whichever picture they suggest – go with that, even if it’s one you wouldn’t personally have chosen. After all, other people are way more objective than we are at choosing our best pictures!

Well, you don’t need to explicitly state that you’re “looking for older women,” although there’s nothing inherently wrong with saying it subtly. For example, you could add something like, “always get on better with women who are a bit older than me.” It’s just a great way of letting cougars know that maybe they should try and match with you.

You should also bear in mind that a cougar leads a busy life. No girl wants a clingy guy who texts them all the time and asks, “where are you?” But it’s much worse if you do it with a cougar. So even if you appear clingy or needy just once, you’ve already ruined your chances.

Lastly, while you don’t want to turn the conversation sexual too soon, you will want to go there eventually. After all, this is why you’re both here. And unless you have the confidence to turn the conversation sexual, the cougar will assume you simply don’t know what you’re doing – and she will move on.

So I’d go ahead and send them a compliment. Take a look at their profile and see what you can come up with. Try to be original and unique, but make sure the compliment is unique to them. Show them you’ve got the balls to say they look beautiful but do it in a very non-cheesy way.

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