Tinder Boost Explained: Price Tag, What It Is & When To Do It

What is Tinder Boost? [How to Use Tinder Boost Correctly]

Tinder Boost Explained: Price Tag, What It Is & When To Do It

Or you may think you look great in that photo where you’re rocking an Affliction hoody and leaning up against a graffiti wall – but women take one look and mentally file you under “Best Avoided While In Dark Alley.” You know you’re not a dangerous guy, so it would never even cross your mind that others may get that impression.

There are many factors that influence whether or not someone will be interested in you, but three of the most compelling ones are overall attractiveness, trustworthiness, and competence. The ideal Tinder photo showcases that particular hat trick, and total strangers are better at choosing which photos you exhibit those qualities in.

How does Tinder Boost work?

If you have a Boost (see pricing later, for how much you can get a Boost) you can activate it by tapping on the purple lighting bolt on the main page where you usually swipe the profiles. If you have Tinder Gold you can also activate it from the See Who Likes You page. It doesn’t make any difference regarding its effectiveness whether you activate it on the gold page or the main page.

If you tapped on the Boost sign, now Boost has been activated, you have just skipped the line. Tinder tells you that for the best results you need to keep swiping. We believe it has nothing to do with its effectiveness, so it is not a problem if you don’t have the time for 30 minutes of constant swiping when you have activated the boost feature.

If you matched with someone during a Boost, his or her profile will be highlighted with the purple Boost icon, so you can clearly see the effects of boost on our match performance. As Tinder Boost prices have increased recently, Tinder’s goal is to really 10X your match numbers in this period, so you are more likely to buy extra Boosts.

One more thing: you can clearly see that you matched with someone during the Boost period, but don’t worry the person you matched with will see it as a regular match. If it is something you feel insecure about.

It is easy to see that you can get the most out of Tinder Boost when a lot of potential matches are active on Tinder. So the question is when is the best time to use Tinder Boost.

Generally, in terms of hours, it is definitely evening hours, as most people already left work or school, so they are at home and have a little free time. A lot of people might check the app during the day, but mostly for replying messages, a lot fewer people do active swiping during the day.

Regarding days, it is also easy to see, that Friday and Saturday evenings are not the ideal time periods for Boost, as most people usually have something going on that is not staying at home and swiping on a dating app. Besides these days, most days would generally work, but Sunday is considered to be one of the best.

If you really want to optimize this 30 minutes period, also think about the weather. If it is raining outside or it is freaking cold, more people will be at home, whereas the weather is great, people are more likely to set something up with their friends and not be on Tinder.

One more trick is to consider the socio-cultural characteristics of your ideal matches. If you are a student and want to meet up with other students, you can also have a successful Tinder Boost during the days as a lot of students have more free time during the mornings and less time for Tinder during the evenings when they might go out.

You can also check out this video where it is explained what the best time to use Boost and Tinder generally:

First of all, you get one Boost per month if you are a Tinder Plus or Gold subscriber. But you don’t need to be a subscriber to purchase extra Boosts if you want to.

Showing the effectiveness of Tinder Boost and its high popularity, Tinder has implemented a significant price increase recently, so at the time of writing this article, a Boost is about 7.99 USD in the U.S.

As with every paid feature of Tinder pricing is not fixed, it can change depending on your location, age and gender. You can get a discount if you purchase 5 or 10 Boosts.

Unlike Super Likes or Top Picks, Boost is definitely a premium feature that will increase your match number, so it might be worth purchasing even more. The price is definitely not low, so you have to make this decision yourself. We would recommend getting a Tinder premium subscription first, preferably Tinder Plus, because then you get 1 Boost per month without paying any extra beyond the subscription.

Tinder Super Boost is currently in beta mode in select countries, and it is basically doing the same thing as a regular boost but for a longer time. With Tinder Super Boost your profile can be one of the top profiles for 180 minutes. It is 6 times longer compared to a regular Boost, so it can give you much higher visibility in the selected time period. Tinder claims you can get 100X the visibility of a regular non-boosted profile.

The introduction of Tinder Super Boost doesn’t come as a surprise. As most men on Tinder could have experienced, their match number has plateaued or decreased recently, so Boost is getting more important in getting a high amount of matches in a short period of time.

On the other hand, Tinder Boost is the only feature that a significant amount of people buy more of. So from a business perspective, it was a very logical move from Tinder.

You can read more about our the first-hand experience about Tinder Super Boost and find out whether it is worth the hefty price tag.

Tinder Boost FAQ:

No, currently there is no way to get Tinder Boost for free. But you have 1 Boost per month if you are on the Tinder Plus or Gold subscription plan and you don’t have to pay anything extra.

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