Tinder Boost Explained: 2022 Pricing, What It Is & When To Do It (+ Super)

Tinder Boost gives you exactly that: a way to be one of the top profiles in your area for 30 minutes. Increase your chances for a match—you can get up to 10x more profile views while boosting. Be seen by more people and get more matches.

What is Tinder Boost? [How to Use Tinder Boost Correctly]

Tinder Boost Explained: Price Tag, What It Is & When To Do It

There are many factors that influence whether or not someone will be interested in you, but three of the most compelling ones are overall attractiveness, trustworthiness, and competence. The ideal Tinder photo showcases that particular hat trick, and total strangers are better at choosing which photos you exhibit those qualities in.

Or you may think you look great in that photo where you’re rocking an Affliction hoody and leaning up against a graffiti wall – but women take one look and mentally file you under “Best Avoided While In Dark Alley.” You know you’re not a dangerous guy, so it would never even cross your mind that others may get that impression.

How To Find The Best Time To Use Tinder Boost In Your Area

Once you’ve settled into Tinder a while, feel free to test the best times for your area by setting Boost off.

When you do, you will see at the bottom of the screen a pop-up with a number out of 10, which will show roughly how many more views you are getting due to Boost.

This is a rough measurement, but this score allows you to judge roughly how many users are on Tinder at that time of day. Once your 30 minutes are complete, it will give you a final score.

Note down what times seem to generally get the best scores in your area, and stick to those high traffic hours to maximize your Boost.

In my findings, the very best day, regardless of where you are in the world, is Sunday. I have always seen the most user activity on a Sunday without a doubt. Monday and Thursday Nights are a close second.

I feel Sunday has high user activity because there are more people chilling out for the day and this is their time of the week to start swiping, maybe to set up some dates for the following week. It also could be because they are hung over in bed that day and feel like chatting, maybe more.

If I were you, I would try and save my Boost for Sunday evening. But remember, it could be different in your location, so test away!

How Much Do Does Tinder Boost Cost? (Current U.S. Pricing)

As mentioned a couple of times already, with Tinder Plus and Gold you will receive a free Boost every month. But you can also fork out a little extra cash and buy one, five or 10.

If you were to ever spend some extra money on Tinder outside of a subscription, I would say spend it on Boost.

If you meet an absolutely amazing person from using it, would the extra cash be worth it? Of course.

what does tinder boost do 2

Something I have noticed over the years is that Tinder Boost cost packages change fairly often.

For example, not too long ago tinder was offering the option to purchase Boost 20 times.

So if you try to purchase any of the above packages and they have changed, that is your reason.

On top of that, prices will obviously differ depending on your location.

I know, I know, I already told you, Tinder Boost lasts for 30 minutes. But the reason I wanted to include this, is to tell you about something I like to call the ‘hangover Boost.

what does tinder boost do 2

What I’ve found in the last two years of using Tinder Boost, for myself and clients, is that when you set off Boost there are at least another 20 minutes where your profile will be somewhat “boosted.”

This is obvious when you have Tinder Gold and will see likes still rolling in, even when Boost is complete.

So if you’re sitting on the fence thinking that 30 minutes is not enough to get more matches, don’t forget about the hangover Boost.

I always get the question about the little hearts that pop up on the swipe screen when you set off Tinder Boost.

When you set off Boost, near the bottom of the screen in the section that shows how many more times than usual your profile is viewed (out of 10), you will also see little hearts floating above it.

what does tinder boost do 2

On top of that, you will see little profile pictures of potential matches appear every now and then in between hearts. So what do these hearts and pictures of faces mean for your Tinder Boost? Is each heart indicative of a new like?

Well, sorry to let you down, but no. This is just a little tactic to keep your eyes on the screen and wanting to use Boost more. Much like the message saying “swipe for the best results.’ Remember, Tinder wants its users to be active in the app!

So to answer your question, the floating hearts don’t mean anything. Just ignore them and wait until you’re done with the 30 minutes to check the results.

When you match with someone using Tinder Boost, you may notice the purple lightning bolt on their profile. This indicates that your match originally came from Boost.

But can your match also see this and then know that you were using Tinder Boost in the first place?

No. Your match will not see this purple lightning bolt on your profile. In fact, your match will have no way of telling that you ever used Boost.

So don’t stress about matches’ seeing that you’ve set Boost off. It can be your little secret.

Even though Boost is arguably Tinder’s best feature, it isn’t magic. Boost works to increase your chances of getting matches, but it definitely doesn’t guarantee them.

The good news is there are things you can do to improve the outcome of Boost.

First things first, avoid the 3 big reasons that Tinder Boost won’t work for you.

If you don’t get any more matches after using Tinder Boost, it usually comes down to one of three reasons.

As I have written above, do not waste Boost outside of a hot time!

Be patient and wait until user activity is high, otherwise, you will barely see much change.

I have accidentally set Boost off at around Midday and guess what? I got minimal matches!

I know once you receive your freebie you might be keen to try it out, but try to be patient and wait for Sunday or at the very least evening time.

This will either be if you live in a very rural area with not many people to begin with, or you have previously been on a swiping rampage and have swiped on most people around you already.

If you have been swiping like a crazy man and feel like you’ve exhausted all your options you might need to go ahead and delete your profile to start over.

Definitely don’t do this too liberally, as Tinder is known for banning or deleting accounts because of starting over too many times.

Remember, you don’t have to be a male model or have the wittiest Tinder bio to be successful on Tinder. But also remember, if your profile is crap, Tinder Boost won’t help you too much.

Chances are that if you’re getting no matches at all with Boost that your profile has a red flag. Check out this post on Tinder Bio Do’s and Don’ts to make sure you aren’t breaking one of these rules.

But if you need further inspiration to come up with a bio that grabs her attention, go ahead and just download my free list of 50 awesome bios that you can copy.

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