Tinder App Not Working and How To Fix It

Delete and reinstall the app. Not only will this put you on the latest version of Tinder, it’ll also refresh your app experience, which should get things running smoothly again! If you’re experiencing issues on the Tinder app for iOS or Android, try using Tinder.com instead.

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Tinder App Not Working and How To Fix It

Say someone is trying to access Tinder, one of their favorite dating apps, but when they attempt to open it up, it doesn’t work on their iPhone or Android device. The person scratches their head, wondering why it doesn’t work. As with any application, trying to use one that constantly malfunctions can be quite frustrating.

The Wi-Fi icon on the top of the phone’s screen should be checked. If it’s not there, the Wi-Fi connection could be on the fritz. The user can go into the phone’s settings and toggle the Wi-Fi off and back on again. If this did the trick, the Wi-Fi connection should be visible on the top of the phone’s screen once more.

It may be necessary to start using Mobile Data on a smartphone device if Tinder still isn’t working with a Wi-Fi connection. While using data can be a bit of an expense, on average, it is typically more stable which could solve most of the problems that the app might currently be experiencing. The user can go over to the settings to find where the smartphone data is and turn it on. This will require that the Wi-Fi be turned off first.

If this hasn’t worked, the user can go over to the Google Play Store or the App Store and find the updates section. There is an update tab on iPhone that is located on the bottom panel. In the updates section, Tinder should show up there if an update is needed. The update button will also indicate this as such. On an Android, it is best to go to the menu and tap the Apps section. The update will appear in a list of apps that need to be updated.

The first option to try is a pretty simple one – restarting the device. On a tablet, an iPhone, or an Android device, it should be shut down entirely. Either slide to turn off on an iPhone or press the power button to turn the phone off if on an Android device. After the device has shut off completely, it can be turned back on by pressing the power button once more. After the device is switched back on, the Tinder app can be tried again to see if it’s working.

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