Tinder Account Banned – Is Tinder Ban Final? [in 2022]

So, as long as your information stays on Tinder, your account is banned. It may take 3 months only, or forever. If you’re planning to wait for Tinder to remove your data from their system, then go ahead and wait for 90 days, or forever.

How To Get Unbanned From Tinder & Bypass A Shadow Ban in 2022

How do I know that my Tinder account has been banned?

Just because you can’t log in to Tinder, it doesn’t mean your profile has been banned from Tinder, so check out our article about Tinder login issues. There are three types of ways of how a ban can manifest to you. We will explain them here shortly:

Tinder error code A 40303 and you can’t log in

Sometimes Tinder will not explicitly say that your Tinder account is banned because of the violation of community guidelines or Terms of Service. When you try to log in, it will display the following message, “Something went wrong. There was a problem logging into Tinder. Please try again.(40303)”

The number 40303 or error code A40303 means that your Tinder account has been banned. If you can’t log in check whether Tinder is down, you have the most up-to-date version of the app. We have a full article on why you might not be able to log in besides getting banned from the platform.

In other cases, Tinder will explicitly tell you that your account has been banned from Tinder. You will see a message like this:

In this case, you know for sure that your Tinder account is banned, so you can go and quit Tinder or try the methods that can get your Tinder ban off.

The worst type of ban that can happen to you is the so-called Tinder shadowban. In this case, you can log in the same way as before, you can swipe profiles and send messages, but your profile is still banned.

However, your new messages will be not seen by others, you will never show up in the swiping deck, you will not get new Tinder matches. But from Tinder’s point of view, you will still pay your subscription fees until you don’t cancel them.

We have a complete blog post on Tinder shadowban, where we go deep on how you can find out if your Tinder account is shadowbanned.

If your profile is reported several times, Tinder will usually manually review your account. To decide whether you will be banned or not they will rely on their Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

As most people never read this kind of long legal text, we list here the most common reasons for getting your account banned:

Tinder Account blocked because of Nudity/Sexual content

Don’t upload pictures that you wouldn’t upload to Facebook. Any nudity will most likely be reported and you will be banned no questions asked. The same standard is true for bios, don’t include anything sexually explicit information

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