Things to Text a Guy at Night (How to 20 Get Him Thinking About You)

How To Respond to Late Night Texts (You will not expect this)

Make him laugh one more time for the day with a quick meme.

Just like you appreciate a man who can make you laugh, men like women who can crack them up.

So end the day on a high note and show him your bright sense of humor with a choice meme or picture. This demonstrates to him that you’ve got that humor so many people are looking for and has the added bonus of putting a smile on his face before bed.

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Request a pick-me-up from him by asking for one of his favorite memes.

While we recommend keeping the conversation as positive as you can in the early stages of a relationship, you can still ask him for a mood boost. Ask him to send you one of his favorite pictures or memes.

It indicates your interest in him, and it gives you another chance to see what he’s into. There are memes for all kinds of things, from games to books to movies to politics.

What he chooses to send you back will say a lot about him.

Example: “I could use a laugh. Send me one of your best memes?”

Get him on the edge of his seat with a Hollywood-worthy cliffhanger.

There’s a reason the biggest movies often end on cliffhangers. It keeps you excited for the next installment and talking with your friends and family about what might happen.

You can take this same psychological strategy and use it in your texts. If something really interesting happened to you that day, send him a brief text that doesn’t give the surprise away.

Not only will it get him opening up, but it’ll be your time to shine. Take the opportunity to demonstrate some storytelling skills worthy of the red carpet here.

Example: “You won’t believe what happened to me today…”

You’ve probably had late night conversations with your friends that kept you up almost until the sun rose. There’s something about late hours that make conversations that would be silly during the day seem extra powerful.

Take advantage of this time. Get a deep, intriguing conversation started with your man that leads you both into crazy possibilities.

Exercise some caution here, though. Unless you’ve been together for some time and know where he stands on many things, you might want to avoid subjects that could start a debate, like politics.

While you want to be your own person and you don’t need to agree with him on everything, it will be easier for the conversation if you stick to something a little less controversial. You’ll still be able to show off your deep side while giving him the chance to show off his.

Example: “I’ve been laying here thinking about outer space a bit. Do you think we’re alone, or that there’s something else out there?”

In many traditional dances, the man leads. Sometimes, a conversation is a little bit like a dance – it shows how flexible you can be and how interesting you are.

So if he’s texted you first that night, go with it. Let him lead you in this textual dance and follow his conversational cues.

He might just take you somewhere you’d have never thought to go before.

Example: Ask question to follow the conversational flow like, “And then what?” or “What did you think?”

This is perfect if you’ve just seen him that day. You can show him that you’re excited to see him again.

By sending him a follow-up text after your date, you’ve also got an opportunity to be a bit flirty and cute.

Example: “I had an amazing time with you today/tonight. I’m ready for part two whenever you are.”

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