These Are The Kinds Of Tinder Profile Pictures Guys Are Attracted To The Most

Tinder Tips For Women: How To Choose Your Photos (3 Surprising Things Men Look For)

These Are The Kinds Of Tinder Profile Pictures Guys Are Attracted To The Most

And because the dudes of Reddit started bumming me out with their needs and wants and body shaming, I also asked a real life man friend. He said that it is pretty simple: A smile is key to getting a swipe right. “A weird amount of girls had no pictures with them smiling,” he said. “Baby girl, Im hilarious. Youre gonna need to be ready for the funny.”

Heres my takeaway after asking men for their opinions on what makes a good Tinder photo: Real, kind guys are going to swipe you if your vibe fits with theirs. Think about it. Some women would go crazy over a guy on Tinder with his cat in all of his profile pictures. I, on the other hand, would feel sick to my stomach.

Everyone has different taste, so be authentic, tuck in your cleavage, and smile. But also, leave your cleavage out if that fits your life vibes. My favorite Instagram account @officialseanpenn sells tote bags that say “be a slut, do whatever you want” and thats how I feel about choosing a Tinder profile picture.

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Given that Tinder has one of the most lopsided gender ratios of any dating app on the market, good photos are crucial to have any sort of success on the platform. Most people have no idea what makes for a good photo (Tinder even launched Smart Photos to help them out)

A good photo doesn’t have to be taken on a DSLR (I take them often with my camera phone for clients) nor do they have to be super sharp or feature blurred backgrounds (bokeh) despite what you see on some photographer sites.

Below are some helpful tips on photos to aim for in a profile, what to avoid, and how to better take photos on your own in the event you are unable to get your friends to help out with taking photos of you. Photos are more about personality, lifestyle rather than technical attributes and perfect lighting and other conditions.

While photos are important for a profile, don’t ignore the bio or about me section of your dating profile! A bad bio can offset good photos.

Best Photos For Tinder: What Pictures To Put On Tinder Profile & How To Get More Right-Swipes On Tinder

In order to get right-swipe worth photos, you need to make sure the photos you do use are flattering, well lit, not only show your face and physique but also your style, smiles, hobbies, passions, guilty pleasures and occasional self-deprecating humor.

The below guidance provides more concrete and advanced tips for sorting through, prioritizing and selecting photos for your dating profile. These are general rules of thumb and with everything in life there are exceptions to the rules. If you visit forums like Reddit you will get a range of opinions but each of those opinions lacks context about users experience, looks, demographics etc.

Typically, women have more wiggle room when it comes to photos because of the gender ratios on most dating apps. Also, the more attractive people are the more they seemingly get away with on dating apps. With that said, improving the quality of the photos as outlined below will help to generate better quality likes and matches.

For additional photo tips, read this post on how to look more attractive in your photos.

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