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The REAL Reason Why Women Sleep With Their Male Personal Trainers

They don’t want to stick to just training inside the gym

A personal trainers’ free time is precious to them, seeing as they usually have so little of it, so if your trainer suddenly offers to train you outside of gym hours either by offering to train you in your home or in a park, it could be a sign that they want to see more of you.

If the trainer is clearly going out of their way to come and train you away from the gym, it shows that they clearly enjoy spending time with you and don’t mind the extra time and effort they need to take to come and see you.

“Touch cues” are when a trainer puts their hand on a part of your body to show you where you should feel an exercise working. They might press gently on your bicep when doing a bicep curl to see if you are squeezing the muscle hard enough for example.

The rules of touch cues are that you should only use them when you need to, using the back of the hand and obviously nowhere that could be considered “inappropriate”.

If you start seeing your trainer is using way more touch cues than they used to or more than are really necessary, it could be a sign that they are interested in getting closer to you, literally.

It’s not uncommon at all for a trainer to want to talk to you about your diet, they may even offer to come with you to the supermarket at your next food shop if you’re paying them enough, but not too many trainers would offer to go for drinks with their clients.

If your trainer asks if you’d like to go for a drink with them, you can bet it’s not to discuss your deadlift technique.

They are talking to you a lot about your relationship status

PTs talk to their clients as an everyday part of the job, and you would be amazed at what people talk about when they are desperate to avoid awkward silences, including discussing relationships.

They might usually ask if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner etc, this is a normal conversation for most people, and it may even help them with designing your training regime, so it might be important information to ask.

The difference is when your trainer starts asking you about your relationships in a lot more detail, like how long you’ve been single, what type of person you usually go for, etc. There’s probably a good reason why they are asking these types of questions, and it’s probably to see if they have a chance with you or not.

It’s always nice to get gifts, and there’s nothing usual about a trainer giving their clients gifts at Christmas or their birthdays and likewise, trainers receiving them.

The difference comes when you start getting gifts from your trainer on a regular basis, for seemingly no reason at all. This could be a serious sign that they are trying to get you to like them back by showering you with gifts. I’ve worked as a trainer for years and I only ever gave or received gifts near Christmas, any other time of the year, and I would have been immediately suspicious.

Cutesy names for your clients are a no-no if you want to stay even remotely professional, so it’s a damn good sign that if your trainer thinks up a cutesy nickname for you and calls you it regularly, they will see you as much more than a client of theirs.

This is unless, of course, the name used is some sort of in-joke that makes sense to you both, like “Sissy squat Sheila”, but if we’re looking at “sexy Susan” you can be sure the intent behind the name means a little more.

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