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Is It Safe To Use Your Phone Number On Tinder?

What are some other Burner numbers/Texting apps that work with Tinder?

Texting apps that work with Tinder, but also burner numbers that work with Tinder besides Google e Voice, are plentiful. They have pros and cons, some are better, some are the same level as Google Voice numbers.

Google Voice as an option isn’t as bad, considering that it’s free of charge. However, though… It’s not the best option. Hence, the need for other apps.

Since Tinder can ban you if you use an already misused phone number to create an account, Google Voice, once again, might not be the best option.

We recommend using the Tinderophone as its best option out there, which does the job well and gives you a newbie boost while creating.

Besides a Google Voice number, you’ll have a lot of other options, such as burner numbers and texting numbers:

A burner number is a number used temporarily for various uses, costing a lot less money than a regular number. Once the user’s purpose is fulfilled with the burner number, the user can discard it right away.

There are some burner numbers specifically designed to work for Tinder, while some others are for multiple purposes.

Burner number providers to help you out with your new Tinder account–Burner apps that can work for your Tinder account:

1. Tinderophone (charges). Tinderophone is a burner number provider, designed exclusively for Tinder users having trouble creating accounts with their phone numbers.

It’s one number at a time for Tinder, and it’s the same way with Tinderophone: one number at a time.

Numbers are unused before, ensuring the users a guaranteed phone number verification for their new Tinder account.

2. Pingme (starting from free, to charges depending on usage). It’s a free burner number that can be used for Tinder.

Pingme is not designed specifically for a Tinder SMS verification, however, it can be used for that purpose. Meaning, it can work for Tinder.

You get a disposable number (US or Canadian) which you can use for creating your Tinder account. While receiving messages on the disposable number you get is free, sending messages and receiving/initiating calls is charged.

3. Hushed (charges). With Hushed you get to send messages and make phone calls very similar to a regular phone number.

However, it’s not entirely clear whether they provide the same numbers, or they provide unique ones for each customer. Despite that, Hushed can work for Tinder, but with a slight risk of not working.

They’re not free of charge, which makes it a little bit of a risky step to take for your Tinder account due to the uncertainty of the uniqueness of the number you get.

4. Talkatone (free of charge). The services that come with the burner phone are free of charge which makes it widely used.

It’s pretty convenient because it is free, and you can easily discard the number once you’re done with it.

Their services being widely used is a positive thing, however, it still represents a little bit of risk for the number repetition (i.e. lack of unique numbers).

Texting apps or sites are apps or sites that provide you with a temporary number that you can use to message. Such providers can charge you a certain amount, or allow you to use them free of charge.

Some texting apps are suitable for Tinder as well, and some others simply aren’t due to their way of working.

Texting apps essentially provide you with fake numbers which you can use for multiple purposes. In this case, we’re looking for texting apps that work for Tinder.

Texting apps/sites that can be useful for your new Tinder account–Text apps you can use for Tinder:

1. Textnow (free of charge). This is a good opportunity for those who can’t afford a second phone number. It’s completely free, and you can use it for other purposes besides Tinder.

You can use Textnow for Tinder, and it can often work for you to open a new account on Tinder.

It’s also great for those who plan to keep the number for more than just a part of a verification process for Tinder.

Like most free-of-charge apps and sites, this one too is exposed to the risk of repetition of numbers.

The numbers may not be unique, which can represent difficulties when it comes to passing the phone verification process on Tinder.

That can make a Textnow number a bit problematic to bypass the Tinder verification code SMS. It’s free, so it’s worth a shot!

2. Textfree (free of charge). The app is free, the numbers you get from the app are free as well. You get to choose what prefix of the number you get, and you get a unique number.

Once you get the number, you get to keep it, but also, you can simply discard it once you’ve reached the goal for your Tinder account.

3. Textplus (free of charge, to charge depending on the services you use). Text plus provide you a phone number that you can use for free in the US or Canada, but you have to pay if you’re not in those countries.

The numbers aren’t unique, but it’s worth a try if you’re planning to use the number in the US or Canada. You can keep it for other purposes besides your Tinder account.

4. Textme (free of charge). This phone number provider is exclusive for users in the US and Canada, but their services can reach worldwide numbers.

If you live elsewhere, you won’t be able to use it. Since you’re needing it for your Tinder account, you won’t be able to verify it.

However, if you live in the US or Canada then it’s worth a shot, even though you’re not looking for ways to make free phone calls or send text messages around the world, you have that option.

Be careful though. The numbers they provide might not be unique.

Burner numbers Texting apps/sites
1. Tinderophone 1. Textnow
2. Pingme 2. Textfree
3. Hushed 3. Textplus
4. Talkatone 4. Textme

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