Success on bumble vs hinge vs tinder : Bumble

Hinge vs Bumble ⚔️ What dating app is Better in 2022?

Anyone having MORE success on Hinge vs other apps? : hingeapp

I dont know what it is but Ive definitely noticed an entirely different response on Hinge vs Bumble vs Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB). Certainly Im doing well on Bumble and reasonably well on CMB but Hinge seems to be somewhat a mystery to me due to the general lack of matches.

What makes Hinge better than Bumble

A lot of people talk about their success with Hinge and how its better for men especially compared to Tinder/Bumble/OkCupid. Ive commonly heard that they failed at those other sites but succeeded on Hinge What makes this different than other sites and better? Is it because this weeds out the non-serious relationship seekers? Or is it because women spend more time with checking messages?

I prefer Hinge over Bumble these days : OnlineDating

I would say most of the successful dates I’ve had have actually come from Hinge. I do miss the feature where you’d see what mutual friends you had, way back when that was also their whole selling point. I feel like that’s a great conversation starter, or it was at least.

Bumble recently(ish) updated the app so that you can’t undo your left swipe, and I HATE that! What used to be a convenient feature is now something you have to pay for and I just find that ridiculous. Also, having been on bumble for 3 years, the 24-hour expiration has become extremely annoying.

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