Strong Women Don’t Beg – High Value Woman Walks Away When She Feels Unwanted

A high value woman knows she always has the power to walk away from the relationship if it no longer serves her. And she makes sure her man knows that, too. What is this? If he disrespects her or crosses her boundaries, she has the confidence to leave.

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How does a woman feel when a man walks away?

It’s natural to get frustrated and angry and feel an immense need to go to him and say straight to his face how stupid he was to let you go. And while all this may look like you are fighting for love – for the love of God, please stop! Giving him the attention and bombarding him with text messages will only make you look crazy.

So, rather than being a woman who can’t take a hint – be a high value woman who walks away from someone who doesn’t see your value.

I, myself, still regret wasting my time and energy pinning over someone who wasn’t worthy of my love and affection. I should have spent that time traveling and meeting new people. Because, really – the signs were all there. And every sign was telling me to run away from him. But my stupid woman logic refused to leave. So, I stayed until he told me to leave.

Let’s all stop holding onto guys who don’t want to be held. Life is too short for putting your head against a wall and driving yourself crazy over a guy who is already halfway down the road. There are plenty of fish in the sea for you to get stuck with a guy who is not interested in you.

Strong women never beg anyone. A high value women walk away! They leave the moment they feel that they are no longer wanted.

Let’s face it if a guy wants to see you – he will. Simple as that. When he begins to make excuses and stops following through with plans, it is a time for you to start looking for other options.

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