Simple Ways To Treat Bumblefoot In Chickens

SOAK. The affected foot is soaked in warm water and Epsom salt or warm water and Betadine and scrubbed for a general cleaning and to soften up the foot tissue. Chlorhexadine 2% solution spray is then applied to kill bacteria remaining on the surface of the foot.

Bumblefoot | How to treat in chickens| Non-surgical method

Simple Ways To Treat Bumblefoot In Chickens

Doing regular health checks on your chickens will also be very helpful. Check their feet each month for any visible signs of problems. Watch your birds as they walk around too. Is anyone limping, favoring one foot, standing on one leg for long periods or sitting around and not moving much? All of these can be indicators that something is wrong so do not ignore the signs.

The infection starts out quietly. A small cut or splinter on the sole of your chickens foot gets infected by walking in poop or another germ laden area. Initially nothing can be seen on the foot but your chicken may favor walking on their other food and stand with the affected foot off the ground.

Once you reach stage three the infection is easy to spot. A scabbed area will appear over a swollen lump. The scab may initially appear brown but frequently turns black. The lump itself should be relatively small – this is good news because the small bumbles are usually the easiest to clean up without resorting to surgery.

If the bumble does not come out then return her to the foot bath for another 10 minutes and try again. If the bumble is large and has been in place for some time it may not pop out on the first soaking. It may be something you have to spend a few days with before it is ready to pull out.

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