Simple Ways to Make a Capricorn Man Obsessed With You

Show him respect and admiration. Because they’re ambitious, Capricorns like feeling accomplished. Tell him that you’re impressed by him so he feels flattered. Additionally, ask him for help or advice to show him you value his knowledge and opinions.
  1. Be brave. Show that you have an opinion and a strong value that you hold. …
  2. Know manners. …
  3. Do not show affection publicly. …
  4. Show your love for your friends and family. …
  5. Genuinely compliment him. …
  6. Take care of yourself. …
  7. Be busy.

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1. Show Capricorn You’re Down to Earth and Hard Working

You can learn how to make Capricorn man obsessed with you by appealing to his work ethic instincts. The Capricorn man has an undying work ethic that comes with a sense of duty to his fellow workers. He is ambitious and knows where hes headed since hes mapped out his career since the day he graduated college. Let him see that you have a genuine matching work ethic and dedication to your career. His opinion of you will quickly be elevated to one of intense admiration. Related Articles

2. Let Him See Your Life Is Stable and Complete

A Capricorn man looks for someone who is their own person. He wants you to have a career, friends, be involved in your community, support local charities, and enjoy sharing your life with others. He expects you to have your own opinions about life and any subject matter.

If you have this kind of full stable life and have formed logical opinions based on your experiences, share this with him. Capricorn is going to be openly impressed! Hell appreciate your independence and confidence. When you have successes, tell him about them with enthusiasm. Hell be the first to congratulate you and encourage you to continue your path.

Capricorn doesnt spend his money easily. He is more focused on accumulating a very large, gold nest egg. He has a diversified portfolio and strictly follows his investment strategy. Discuss finances with him and talk about your investments and what you do to save money.

If youre naturally thrifty and have a practical approach to finances, explain your methods for spending and saving. Hes going to see dollar signs when he looks at you! That doesnt mean he wants your money. It simply means he understands what it takes to achieve financial security, and nothing pleases him more than the stability that accumulated wealth brings with it.

One of the driving forces behind a Capricorn man is his pragmatic approach to everything he does. He is driven by logic and the need for an organization. This is seen in everything he does. His life is very organized down to what he wears and when he wears it.

If you have set routines that you never break, explain to him you cant go for coffee until youve finished your morning chores. If you just spent the day reorganizing your closet by gathering a bag of clothes for Goodwill, tell him about your methods for deciding what stays and what goes. Hell be enamored of your discipline. In fact, hell tell you how much he approves of your dedication to keeping up with things and not allowing them to get out of control.

Capricorn is naturally home life oriented. You wont find a Capricorn man out partying all hours of the night. He isnt going to let loose and go crazy – ever! At least not in public. He might in the privacy of his own home where he feels safe and protected. Tell him that you enjoy social gatherings, but you dont like to party. Explain how you enjoy staying in and watching a movie or reading a good book. When he realizes you share this homebody preference, he is going to be ecstatic over having this in common!

Capricorn finds a needy person a big turn off almost as much as he does anyone who displays their affections in public! You should save displays of affection for private times and places. Capricorn has a great poker face. Hell never display his emotions in public. If you are angry, tamp it down and instead of a tirade of admonishment, sit down and discuss what youre feeling with him. Hell melt in front of you.

Show him that you dont need anyone else to feel worthy or complete. He wants you to be self-contained and not need him in order to function or live. Expose your independence with your actions. If hes away on a trip, continue with your normal routine and when he calls let him know you miss him, but then tell him about all the things youve been doing. Hes going to fall in love with you!

Remember that a Capricorn man wants you to have your own life. That means you should never wait for him to call you. Instead, you should go out and live your life the way you were before you met him. Being unavailable isnt playing games, its just a reality when you have a full life.

When Capricorn realizes you arent hanging around pining over him, hes going to step up his game. Hell shake off his passive nature of wanting to take things as slow as molasses. Hell quickly realize you might not be available when he finally gets around to asking you out. In fact, you may discover how this can make a Capricorn man become obsessed with you.

Capricorn isnt a sign comfortable with spontaneity. Everything must be planned out to the ninth degree. Share your plans with him. If youre making plans for big changes, such as buying a condo or a new car, tell him about them. Let him in on your research, and how you derived at your decision which one was best. He will be gaga over you. If you genuinely cant undertake something new without planning it out, then share this with him. If you are a list person, let him see your lists, hell be beside himself and might even show a little excitement, however brief.

A Capricorn man doesnt like to jump into relationships. He must first get to know you and understand what makes you tick. You need to adopt this attitude and spend time asking him questions that show you are genuinely interested in getting to know who he is. If you take the time to be his friend first, youll discover he reciprocates and will be intrigued with a need to get to know you better.

It may sound silly, but being well-groomed is something of a turn on for Capricorn. If you want this man to take notice, you need to look your very best every time you meet him. To Capricorn, this demonstrates how much you value yourself and in turn will value him. He can rest assured that you will always be striving to put your best foot forward the same way he does.

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