Signs a Scorpio Likes You Through Text

“You have my whole heart—I’m yours completely.” Scorpio men can be possessive, so a message like this will be attractive to him. To impress a Scorpio over text, play into this fantasy of his. A Scorpio’s dream is to have their crush completely to themselves. So, make his wish come true!

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Make Sure They Like You for Who You Are Inside

When it comes to a Scorpio, or anyone for that matter, what is most important is that the number one reason they like you is your heart. I know it may seem silly, but your relationship together isn’t going to be strong enough if they only like you for your looks or your mind. They need to be interested in your heart.

Ask them why they like you and make sure they care about your heart; otherwise, you could end up heartbroken. We don’t care enough about hearts in our society — the number one cause of death in the western world is cardiac arrest. Examine your heart and free yourself of all the lies around you. It doesn’t matter how many people you date or how many romantic adventures you do in this world — allow your heart to be your top priority.

You need to love your heart first — everything else is a luxury. Otherwise, your body will wither, your mind will fade, and your personality will go flat. How you love, how you treat others, your kindness — that is what is important. There is no such thing as wisdom without kindness. The two are inseparable. Wisdom is a symptom of kindness. Without kindness, you are only shrewd.

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Question: Do Scorpios ignore you and then the next day seem interested in you?

Answer: Yes. Ive witnessed it myself. They might be trying to play it cool. They might also be conflicted about where they stand with you. Scorpios will be interested and try to ignore it all at once.

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Lola on June 28, 2020:

There is this boy that I like ( he’s a Scorpio ) and he’s always busy when ever I try texting him. I already confessed my feeling for him, and he knows that. But when ever I try texting him, he’s always busy, even in the times he says he’s not, suddenly he becomes busy. I just want to know if he feels the same way. Please I need answers

loulou on June 19, 2020:

why sometimes scorpio guys take so long to answer ur text message does that mean that they hate us our they just want alone time.

Alice on May 26, 2020:

Me and this guy who is a Scorpio have been talking for 4 months we had a great connection going on and we talked all day every day. Recently he ghosted me LITERALLY out of nowhere like I sent him a usual text and he left me on read and hasn’t texted me back in 3 days ….SO I honestly have zero clue on why he did that or what to do.

Astrology lover13 on April 28, 2020:

Well i started a conversation with a scorpio guy n we hit it ok. We actually had alittle debate n becuz of my insecurities i was not trye with myself n him in start but later i told him everything truthfully. He even accepted our friendship but today he didnt replied except one emoji…i feel like Im pressuring him or something but i think i just did something wrong in our friendship and now i dont know what to do. Im Pisces n i have alot of insecurities n it feels like he understands it so i really dont wanna lose a friend like him…Please tell what should i do?

Scorpio Sadistic on November 25, 2019:

Yet again I stung my victim. my first was a first relationship that last 13 years. My persuasive and charming attibutes presided. Gave my life to his will, my Aquarius. Provided my strong soul to his but in the end, he was lost. Ive stung again again with a new host. Fallin to my sexually desires. Im lost without a host but I must release him, before its too late.

Ray ray on August 04, 2019:

So my situation is a little complicated so please bear with me. I was married but the relationship was dead for the last 2 years of it. We had lots of issues which I wont delve into. I met a scorpio guy who immediately sparked something. I couldnt stop thinking about it. I was separated when I started talking to him. He talked to me everyday at one point and even invited me out once and paid the tab. He would always compliment, flirt, and ask me questions about myself. He would ask for pics constantly and I would send him pics of me (nothing sexual). He always said I was just a friend so I admitted my feelings at one point and told him to stay away from me. He didnt talk to me for 2 days then completely freaked out on me and said he likes me and that he didnt want anything until I was legally divorced. I agreed and told him to press pause until I did that. Then he said suddenly he never liked someone enough to be serious with which included me. I gave up on him at that point. We didnt talk and then my parents pressured me to get back with hubby and I was back and suddenly that guy messaged me 3 days in a row and I told him straight up “sorry cant talk anymore I have decided to get back with my hubby” which he just said good luck. I still saw this guy constantly at places I went to and avoided him like all hell all while being in the shitty marriage. He would stare at me and be in front of where I sat with my friends. I was secretly super super into him and trying to forget. 3 months of being with psycho hubby and we got divorced. After sorting out my mess, I talked to that guy again except this time he said he doesnt like me like that and no girl ever made him fall for her. He always sends me greeting in morning and is always checking up how Im feeling. He gives me freebies at his work and was smiling and staring at me hardbody when he saw then he avoids me suddenly next day. He messages me daily but never asks me to hang. I have never felt like this before but hes so hot and cold. Should I just give up hope and distance myself or wait it out because he is mad at me still maybe for returning to my ex instead of him in past? He is also very charming and a player in his past so am I just getting played?

Leo_allday on June 27, 2019:

Y’all i was talking with a Scorpio man for a few weeks now online. Everything was great we’re like the same person, texts all day and night. and he’s admitted he wouldn’t be able to be in a relationship rn due to trust issues but also admitted he likes me. We had a small argument but talked a few days later but it was different to no talk at all. Is it done for sure?

SunflowerPisces on June 18, 2019:

I cannot figure the Scorpio out that is flirting with me. He sexts with me (he lives 2 hours away), and we have known each other for yearrrrs. We have both been in off and on relationships and never single at the same time.

This Scorpio seems to take trust seriously. I’m a Pisces btw . He has told me how he loves that I trust him. He sends me some wild photos so I assume he trusts me. Is that rare !?! I also cannot figure out why he won’t meet me on his day off. I have told him I will meet him half way. He won’t do it. Yet, he says if he can find another job where I live, he may want to move in with me. Is he blowing smoke ? I can’t stand not seeing him but don’t want to get him upset and have him vanish.

Taylor on June 12, 2019:

As a Scorpio myself, I can confirm all of this with 100% accuracy. I do all of these things!

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on January 17, 2019:

Just be yourself with a Scorpio. If you try to act like a different person with different interests, theyll see right through you. You either connect with them or you dont, but you cant fake it.

Reicheiru on January 15, 2019:

My friend is trying to set me up with a scorpio but i have no idea how to ask her about it. Ive always had an atraction to the scorpios affectionate side but i cant figure out how to talk to them (im bisexual and me and the person havent met yet) im srry if i seem like a greedy brat… plz dont get upset at me whomever reads this!

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on January 09, 2019:

A Scorpio wants loyalty, unconditional love, and the way their mother treated them… I know, weird. They like to have their ego adorned. Make sure to spend quality time with him regularly, and it doesnt have to be too fancy. Compliment the connection you have, and show that you trust him. Scorpio desires to keep its commitments, so it picks them carefully.

Ina on January 08, 2019:

I met my scorpio man online about 3 years ago. We have separated twice amicably, once for reasons relating to our childrens needs, and once his choice due to a misunderstanding. We reunited about a year ago, as he reached back out to me, both times. Honestly I thought I had lost him forever and I always play things cool with him. I know he cares for me, as he as told me. When we first met he expressed his love for me and I for him. Im completely in love with him, yet I give him his space because I dont want to scare him away or make hum ever feel smothered. Im a Taurus woman. Im enjoying our time together now, but how will I ever know if we will remain together? Do you have any advice on how to stay constant in his life so he knows Im willing to be by his side always? Thanks

Bella on December 12, 2018:

We had been talking for 2 weeks for everyday, and then he went off the radar, cz he said he had to meet some deadlines before his parents went over for the holidays. Long story short Im curious to know if he will text back? cz chances are he might have forgotten about me entirely. By the looks of it, Im falling for him. Its ridiculous that we have only spoken for 2 weeks and I might be falling for him and now that we dont talk anymore… Hes a scorpio and Im a cancer. HELP! I

Friend on October 19, 2018:

@Natali – How did the two of you meet? Where is he from since you say that the two of you are finally meeting?

Supremo on October 18, 2018:

I’m a Capricorn man I’m actually dating a Scorpio we chatted for like 2 months now and we seen each other 3 times on the 3rd date we had sex. Everything was fine. But these past few days she’s getting cold I asked her why. She said she just sometimes Isolate herself. What should I do? I’m having feelings for her and I can’t afford to loose this one. Help me thank you

Natali on October 15, 2018:

Im An Aquarius Woman ive been talking to a scoprio for past 6 months now i likem but has stated they only see me as friend and do no want to loose me as a friend . they advice me everyday about there life how they feel bout there emotions with in them selfs family life my ideas on things we text every day consitant i expressed my emotions an i got stung by way they told me they just dont see me like that . but im super confused i distant my self from that person and they texted me telling me how much they are sorry for acting way they do because they been going through alot i told them my feelings are getting deeper . i just cant at the moment because they do not see me like that . they said they are sorry again said they did not want hurt my feelings nor loose me as a friend again now im just lost at times i get flirt vibe . but then i get confused on weather if they are just lying about emotions with me because they dont show how they really feel i finally am meeting up with them next month an im nervous . idk what to think how how go into this .

Olivia on October 15, 2018:

Im a Virgo and Im friends with a scorpion I really like. He is sweet and always tries to help me with life issues. Were texting for 2 years. Once, a year and half ago, he asked me out for coffee but said its a treat for as he got new job but due to schedule we couldnt go out. We talk about life and world and human nature and all deep thoughts and we both have agreed at times that we connect to some another mentality. We have tagged ourselves as friends so I dont feel comfortable to confront him with his feelings or he is seeing someone else, but also at few times feel like he is trying us and doesnt want to take things fast.

Were living in different towns and known eachother through childhood home town connections. As were mostly texting I feel Im getting mixed signals from him. Because he really gives hours after midnight just to talk about random stuff. But its always me who starts a conversation. I feel he might not want to talk but when we talk we talk for hours. Were really close friends so I dont want to ruin that in search of a relationship. I prefer to give ourselves all the time and space. But really wants to know if its worth it? Because itll hurt if Ill fall too hard from him. I had a really bad breakup in the past and havent been on a real date in past 5 years. Hes the first person who broke the walls I built around me. But also he told me time to time that he went on a date with 2-3 girls which didnt work out. So where are we heading?

Cara on September 26, 2018:

I met a scorpio on a local dating app. We have been talking off and on for a month or so now. Sometimes the conversations are funny, serious, and non -existant. (which I dont mind.) I asked him the other night how he felt about our friendship, he said the texting is fine for now. But you cant get to know someone through text. So, Im wondering why he hasnt tried to ask me out yet? Is he stringing me along, or not interested? Ive tried sending flirty messages to him, but he doesnt flirt back, only tries to analyze it then I dont hear for a few days. Its kind o getting on my nerves a bit, as I am a Virgo. Im not investing anymore time in on this, just curious as why he hasnt tried to ask me out yet?

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on June 07, 2018:

Try meeting up in person and see what kind of connection you have. It can be difficult to see past text messages.

Laurel111 on June 06, 2018:

We have been texting for like 1-2 years, and at first he said that he likes me, but im a capricorn woman, and i don´t trust people so easily, and at first i said “no”. Now i don´t know if he has given up, but now i like him. And i don´t know, if i should tell him that i like him. Because it maybe can ruin our relationship or we can be together.

Assassin on May 30, 2018:

He’s constantly sending me [email protected]@@ picture is he teasing me? What does that mean? He dirty text me at night!!

Aquarius on May 02, 2018:

My Scorpio friend only told my Pisces friend that she has depression, and Pisces told me and told me not to tell. Is there a way I can make her tell me? Or just get her to like me more? She definitely likes Pisces better, but said she like both of us equally. I just feel guilty that she thinks I dont know… Also, this has to be done over text bc shes in her first highschool year and me and Pisces are in the last yr of intermediate (middle school) P.S Does my Aquarius sign affect it?

Odinn on May 01, 2018:

What if the Scorpio wants to know erey thing that makes u u the good the bad and say they want to have a long term with u and did you get them hints ?

emily on April 15, 2018:

i’m a pisces woman and i’m in love with a scorpio, we’ve dated, kissed, touched, he broke up with me because i was bringing too much drama into the relationship, i know that now. after we dated he dated someone else for a bit then when they broke up i shared my deep feelings for him and he said it was good that i shared them but he also wanted me to get over him, like two months pass and he started talking to me more than usual, he used to never talk to me at all but now he’s making conversation with me everyday, i still love him and since he wanted me to get over him, i pretended i was but in his eyes i like him, he’s so confusing but i wanna be with him so i can share my emotions and make him happy because the girls he’s been with, i wanna change that.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on April 05, 2018:

Have you ever met in person? It can be difficult to love someone you have no physical presence with.

Showry on March 21, 2018:

I have been chatting with a scorpio man for almost 1 year….we met at a online game….then we started chatting and connected everywhere in social media and really close ……he shares everything in his life that happens in a day and also his family stories……he gets romantic sometimes even suddenly….cuz of such things I asked him if he likes me but he said Im the closest person to his heart …..but I do get some vibes that he likes me maybe…..the sad fact is maybe not like that cuz I read many journals and all says if u love someone u will want to know their daily life which he never ask unless i say to him but after I say he listens to whatever i say …..our relation feel like long distance relationship cuz of the closeness we have but we text mostly and did few voice calls thats all….he wont show his emotions i know that and over texts its more difficult to understand….im just confused does he only like me as a closest frnd or loves me actually?

Angie on February 07, 2018:

Im an Aries woman, very interested in a Scorpio woman, weve been on 4 dates, had sex on the 4th date, yet she’s hard to read, if shes wanting to take it to the next level?. I asked if she wanted me to stay that night after sex, and she said no, but was politely apologetic and texted me the next day a thank you for a fun night. Period. Do scorpio woman prefer controlling the situation? or like the chase? Being an Aries, I like the chase, its been a post two day quiet no communication so far.. Is she interested? or playing it safe? testing me? Weve definitely have had had intense eye to eye stares…and feel an intensity of sorts.. but there is a cool factor to her mode of operation… Shall I ask her straight out where she stands? or let her take the lead … going against my Aries nature here :S

Mona on December 10, 2017:

I like a scorpion man but I am not sure of his feelings. He says he likes me but calls me only at night when he is drunk. We can talk for hours – usually he does the talking. He often makes appointments but is never able to keep them. I am totally confused ! He has asked me out at least 7 times and has cancelled each time.

Amira on November 21, 2017:

Im a Taurus woman, Im starting to like a Scorpio man, I think he likes me too but he is not too obvious about it, we are very intense together but he is a bit mysterious and somehow Im not . Is our zodiac signs usually click? and can we lead to real and solid relationship in the future?

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on November 16, 2017:

RichardBooth on November 16, 2017:

Great advice thank you very much indeed 🙂

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on November 16, 2017:

You and this Cancer will share some emotional things in common since you are both water signs. Youll find that you connect well one way or another, and can actually go into those deep places that maybe with others you dont feel youre fully getting to the root of it.

I say keep talking to this woman. The truth of the matter will come to the surface in time.

Cancer functions differently than Scorpio. Cancer feels a cycle of emotions and moods like the moon. They tend to have a strong feminine energy to them. Scorpio has a darkness and depth that can go as low as the Mariana Trench. Cancer will be accepting of you, but know a lot of people have a hard time when you go deep and low.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on November 16, 2017:

Sounds like you would need to meet in person. Its a little odd that hes mentioning other girls if he is wanting to single you out as his special one.

RichardBooth on November 16, 2017:

Hey im a scorpio guy im 31 years old ive been talking to cancer lass for 3 days it sounds insane but i have never talked to anyother womem with such deep thoughts but because its so intense i have a feeling its overwhelming her and I feel shes not the type to say slow down or whatever but I get signals that she understands me as I do her but yet scared in some way to open up just a little bit more idk how to describe it however its a very thoughtful back and fourth shes a wonderful women I thought it was supposed to be us scorpios whos defences were hard to crack. Yes 3 days is nothing in the context of a lifetime but its insanely loving and thoughtful like a release of tension for us both best way to describe it really anyway ive messaged her and said along the lines of “Ill leave you be for a bit and who knows what will happen in the future” I just want her to open up a bit more but hey what can you do eh? I have been in relationships in the past and never quite understood them I tell myself was it love, lust? and it was more lust but these 3 days have shed light on what I want and she wants out of a relationship the stuffwwe both value so its a breeze when we talk but I just feel as shes scared shes 25 if thats got anything to do with it I doubt it like. but please no one reply and say its 3 days lol trust me we scorpios can feel stuff and the feeling regardless of how long its been etc. you just pick up on signals.

Candy on November 08, 2017:

I am chatting with a scorpio man for a month. He said he likes me but he was too shy to tell me he always send videos about what he is up to and how is he feeling. Hes in the Army thats why we dont have much time to talk to each other. He told me that I am always the first person who comes in his mind whenever other girls are texting him. Im just not sure about it because I never met him in person but Those videos he was sending me just feel so real and I always miss everything about him. I hope there will be a chance that someday what we have will work out.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on July 01, 2017:

Miaka on July 01, 2017:

I cant agree more with heart part–and this is the very first time, Ive seen it stated so clearly like this. Good job.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on May 25, 2017:

Shannon on May 23, 2017:

Im a scorpio and im very surprised at how accurate this is.

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on August 03, 2016:

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