Should I send an anonymous letter to tell her husband she’s cheating?

I received an anonymous letter claiming late hubby cheated for seven years

Received an anonymous cheating letter in the mail today : relationship

When I opened the envelope there was a typed letter that said my boyfriend has been cheating on me. The letter listed his first and last name, his occupation, and the number of siblings he has which is all true. There were some strange things though. They were wrong about his living situation and some of the grammar wasnt right. They said that they met my boyfriend on tinder and found out through a mutual friend that he has a girlfriend (me). They said that they slept with my boyfriend, feels bad about it, and that I should get tested for a STD. They also said that hes very protective of his phone and deletes his texts often which I personally know isnt true. They apologized and said they would have never slept with my boyfriend if they knew he had a girlfriend (me).

There werent any threats in the letter but Im worried about my safety. I dont know how this person got my name and address and how they know this information on my boyfriend. Im going to the police station this week to show the letter and report it. I talked to my boyfriend and he denied everything. Ive never had any suspicions of him cheating on me, but now the letter is getting in my head and I dont know how to process this. I dont want to accuse him of cheating and have this ruin our relationship, when my gut is telling me he hasnt done this.

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