Shockingly Effective Guide On How To Date a Stripper

Ask her out.

If she does agree to go on a date, do something sweet and romantic. She is a stripper and she is used to guys showing interest to her through money and flashy presents. Try to do something that’s related to a common interest that you’ve discovered in your conversations with her.

How to date a stripper step by step

Shockingly Effective Guide On How To Date a Stripper

But whatever the cause, your average cam girl is far more relaxed and less guarded than the same girl might be in a strip club, removing the need for many of the special tactics and minefield navigation techniques I just outlined. While most strippers seem to be wary and even resentful of men, or at least of male strip club patrons, cam girls tend to be downright warm and friendly people – and it’s not an act! When you date a stripper (like I have), you learn how jaded they can be in the club; and how perfectly normal they are everywhere else.

It’s how savvy strippers avoid getting drunk at work (how many guys do you think make her this same offer every night, champ?), while still taking advantage of a chivalrous male instinct to generate revenue for the club. In other words, it’s a fleece. It’s a way for her to dip into your pockets, and yep, I’m afraid it’s yet another “business transaction” landmine. Don’t step on it.

These girls deal with men who treat them like crap every day, and rather than find it sexy or assertive, they’ve trained themselves to view those who do it as sad, lonely guys who can’t even see a live woman naked without paying for it. They go to work expecting to see the “Top Dog Alpha Male” card played and overplayed, because every man turns into Schwarzenegger when the girl they’re with makes her living by taking it. They’re on guard for it.

Similarly, don’t offer to buy her a drink. I know it feels natural and even manly to treat her, and surely she would appreciate a gesture that she might well be shown in any regular bar, right? But I have never met even a single stripper who really enjoys this. Why would she? She’s just going to order off of an overpriced secret menu that you never get to see, and the bartender is going to serve her a watered-down blend of fruit juice.

At this point I can hear my exasperated reader screaming at his monitor: “What the hell, Woody?! I thought you were gonna help me get a girlfriend! You started off alright talking about real strippers in actual strip clubs, but now you want me to whack it to a bunch of cam girls? What gives??”

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