September 8th Zodiac

September 8th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality – Virgo – Part 1

September 8th Zodiac

Emotions play the largest part of lives of Virgos born on the 8th of September, and it isn’t their task to remain fully rational every step of the way, even though it may seem to be. The struggle and the conflict of emotions and reason will take away their energy and distance them from the world they are meant to be a part of. As they grow in their faith and start opening their heart even after painful experiences, they will see that honesty is the only path that opens all the right doors to their activity and see how well armed they are to deal with the world just as it is.

These two symbols seem to be a matter of choice and adulthood, as the person born on this date learns to embrace information life throws their way through faith in their roots, or the animalistic side to their own nature. The choice is quite clear as seen here. One might understand the greater order of things believing in being at the right place in just the right moment, or simply live life day to day, refusing to see how magical their existence is. Fear is to slowly be integrated and turn into their inner sense of bravery and give them the ability to see the beauty they were born into.

A Virgo born on September 8th has a task to learn how to trust their feel of the moment, letting go to the atmosphere, ready to land on their feet no matter what happens. They are to build enough flexibility to guide them through waters that aren’t serene, and distance themselves from lies and dishonesties that taint their of the world. Their idealism is to push them forwards instead of tying them down and holding them back.

Alunite, also called Angel Wing, is a great grounding stone for people born on September 8th, as it stabilizes them both physically and emotionally. It is a stone known to bring yin and yang energies to order, and effective for health and relationship issues that are intertwined in invisible ways in lives of these individuals. It helps one discover and use their creative gifts and talents in day to day life, bringing the unseen and the feel down to the material plane.

A person born on September 8th excels in all activities that are in touch with ideals, with religion and faith, and leave enough room to connect ones body with the beauty of magic in life. To get the most out of their efforts, they are to follow their talents while holding on to a firm connection with planet Earth and their own body. Helping their physiology serve a higher cause, they become sportsmen, or priests, preachers and teachers, those who inspire others to fulfill their destiny and pursue their higher path.

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