September 7th Zodiac

September 7th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality – Virgo – Part 1

September 7th Zodiac

The task of those born on the 7th of September is to free themselves from all ties and become those liberated, rebellious souls, aware of their individualism and sparkling personality. For as long as they try to meet expectations of others and fight their unreasonable perfectionism, they won’t be truly happy. They need a lot of rest and relaxation to discover the world of opportunities ahead of the road. Their story is the one of breaking old patterns and true understanding of the connection they are to build with the rest of human kind, on a higher level than that we typically see our interactions on.

A person born on September 7th excels in all activities that have to do with progress, technology and strange concepts that others don’t understand. Standard working hours and routines could tire them out, and if they simply try to stay rational and earn money, they won’t achieve their full potential. They make great astrologers, engineers and programmers, and if they use their intellectual power for higher good, they become the best in any area of expertise.

Even though Virgos born on September 7th might seem extremely rational in their ways, they are really idealists in need of support and close connecting. Their partners are often unusual, inspiring them to break the rules and break out of the system they belong to, and this can bring a lot of stress to their world if they aren’t ready to adapt and make changes they were brought here to make. As they start letting go to the flow, free to be exactly who they are around other people, they create bonds that are filled with understanding, friendship and freedom of thought and self-expression.

Their emotional and sexual tendencies could be unusual, with their mind open and their readiness to experiment. However, ego battles raging inside them easily put them into a state of criticism, of self and everyone else around them. Differences need to be accepted and nurtured instead of judged, in order for their warm and loving nature to get out in all its purity.

The importance of the family tree of Virgos born on September 7th becomes obvious in these symbols, for they seem to carry important genes that need to be well incorporated and functional in the world around them. Complicated stories of their ancestors could tie them to matters that aren’t personal and keep them in the loop of repetition that has more to do with ego battles than their own desires. Individualism is the main topic of their lifetimes, as they learn how to get the past to work for them, so they can look forwards to the bright future. It is in their power to build their dream world, in their material reality, and based on the foundation of positive winds from the past.

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