September 30th Zodiac

Libras born on September 30 appear to be detached and aloof, but their personality resembles a volcano under an iceberg. With all their good grooming and perfectionist tendencies, they seem to have it all together but are actually rather explosive.

September 30th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality – Libra – Part 1

September 30th Zodiac

Black merlinite is a fine stone to help Libras born on September 30th gain clarity and awaken knowledge in their third eye chakra. It is a crystal of shamanic journeying that allows them to reconnect with lost energies and helps their intuition develop to the point where they understand what needs to be done in the real world. Raising their awareness of their own potentials and strength, it is very good to carry it around for grounding when in large groups of people with different attitudes.

This is a row filled with deep changes, standing for misfortunes when hopes are high up and incredible strokes of faith when one least expects them. Libras born on September 30th have a task to bring their beliefs in line with material existence and their world of creative expression, and this is a deep and uneasy task if they are relying too much on their mental strengths. Intelligent, often highly educated, it is quite common for these individuals to change their professional direction entirely or gain education in seemingly opposite sciences and approaches. Their knowledge is to go through tests that are profound and clear, and they won’t settle for anything less than the truth.

The last day in September brings a sense of closure to the wrong systems of beliefs and requires our attention as we seek the right direction to move in. It is a time of deep inner travels, knowledge that is found only within, and all those things we can do through magic once we start believing it to be possible. Although a rational, balanced sign such as Libra doesn’t easily approve of all those teachings that are too abstract from the point of form and structure they’ve been taught to follow, they will inevitably open their hearts to higher knowledge when born on this date.

A birthday gift for someone born on the 30th of September may be anything from a magic wand to a healing crystal, for as long as it is in tune with their current state of openness. They need time to learn not to be afraid of their own knowledge and if they aren’t in touch with their “dark side”, it would be wiser to help them find grounding, with a massage voucher, sporting equipment or a monthly membership in a local gym.

The point of balance that these individuals are to reach is seen in their daily routines and grounding, their ability to protect themselves from the outer world, and the higher knowledge found in the depths of their hearts when they are alone and separated from the rest of human kind. This could often lead them into solitary activities, while their Sun pushes into socialization that they aren’t always ready for. Their story is one of seeing the good in solitude and in partnership, in their own activities and teamwork, so they can have both in just the right amount to reach the point of understanding of their own inner world and the way it reflects on others.

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