Seduction 101: How To Turn A Man On Without Touching Him

Men get turned on by many different things, and ultimately every man is different. Most men do get turned on by similar actions, which is great for women. By knowing how to seduce a man, when you want to, can greatly spice up your relationship and love life. This may also be just what you need to win that guy you have been pining after, but who has not made a move yet. Turning him on without him realizing it or touching him can really get his attention and make him want you badly. If you do it right, he will be thinking of all of the dirty things he could do to you, which will make him want to touching you. He will want you to be his, at least for the night.

Men are all different, but turning them on can be made almost into a science. Body language is intuitive for most, and by learning what body language to use when you can turn men on whenever you want to. Knowing what words to say and when is also how you can turn on guys without touching them. There is a lot of power in words when used appropriately and at the right moment.

10 Ways to Turn Him On Without Touching
  1. The sight of your bra strap. Seeing a bra strap is a tease, in a good way. …
  2. A genuine laugh. …
  3. Wearing fitted clothes. …
  4. Wearing clothes that aren’t too fussy. …
  5. Anything that’s see-through. …
  6. Confidence.
  7. Showing part of your thigh. …
  8. Wearing a dress or top that is low cut in the back.

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Relationship Status: Long-Term Without Touching

What works for you may also depend on your relationship status. If you are in a long-term relationship then some of these simpler actions such as smiling at your man may not turn him on. He sees it all the time so it is not as new or exciting anymore. In this case, talking dirty to him should still turn him on.

Relationship Status: Single

If you are single, then just keeping eye contact with a guy can turn him on. You probably do not want to talk dirty to him if you just met him, however. He may get the wrong idea and think you just want to have sex, even if you do not want to sleep with him. There are non-verbal and verbal behaviors that you can use to seduce the man of your dreams, whether you have him yet or not.

Flirting: Non-Verbal And Verbal

Flirting is all about trying to attract someone that you desire, which can be for fun or with the intention of something serious. There are two types of behaviors you use while flirting, which are non-verbal cues and verbal cues. Non-verbal and verbal behaviors are what you can use to seduce the man of your dreams, whether you have him yet or not.

You can use verbal behaviors to turn guys on by using certain words to your advantage. This is where verbally flirting comes in, such as giving compliments. Also asking questions can be a form of verbal flirting, as it shows that you are interested enough in them to ask questions about themselves or whatever else that involves them.

This kind of behavior is where you use your body language to get him turned on. Non-verbal cues include smiling at him, leaning towards him with your body and getting into his space, and keeping your body pointed towards his. These behaviors all show that you are paying attention to him and only him, which he will love.

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