Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man

Pisces gets lost in the long shadow of Scorpio. If both partners are willing to walk through the darkness together, any of these dark relationship issues can be resolved. Other Lows: emotional stagnation; passive-aggressive behavior; betrayal.


Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man

Scorpio woman wants to feel alive and loved and energized in the boudoir, but Pisces man is far from macho, and hes not much of a leader. This is where I think the biggest problem will lie—Scorpio woman will feel as though she MUST be the leader in this relationship, and that could really take a toll on her.

That said, if there are favorable aspects in the natal charts, they might be alright. But I really think those will need to be present in order for this to be a success. To learn more about the astrological love pairing and compatibility between the Scorpio female and Pisces male, please continue reading!

He will always defer to her in an argument to avoid a fight, but this will only infuriate her if his deferral doesnt solve the bigger problem. Hes capable of demonstrating all the right levels of affection and true love, and for this Scorpio woman will want to continue giving him more chances to step up to the plate and be a bit more masculine, but she needs to realize that Pisces man is really one of the “softest” in the zodiac and hes too gentle to stand up to her temperament.

Whats more, when she mentions this to Pisces man, he wont really know what to say because he wont really get it. Hell just try to avoid an argument, which will end up in its magnification (like usual!) Scorpio woman needs love and affection, but she also needs strength, and Pisces man isnt the most naturally strong male in the zodiac.

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