Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman love compatibility

The Scorpio man is erotic, seductive, appealing, emotional and sensitive which sums upto a perfect sex life. The Taurus woman may find herself indulged in the intimate relationship, as she likes being satisfied in bed. She wants to feel the affection physcially, which proves the level of bonding, for her.

Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility | Taurus Woman Scorpio Man

Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility Percentage – 82%

Scorpio and Taurus Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage 90%
Scorpio and Taurus Emotional Compatibility Percentage 90%
Scorpio and Taurus Communication Compatibility Percentage 70%
Scorpio and Taurus Trust Percentage 80%
Scorpio and Taurus Intellectual Compatibility Percentage 80%
Scorpio and Taurus Common Interests 80%
Scorpio and Taurus Overall Compatibility Percentage 82%

Taurus and Scorpio = Earth + Water

Scorpio and Taurus have very powerful personalities and many things in common, such as their principles, which they always hold onto. They both like to take charge of situations and they don’t like change.

Sharing these qualities allows you to have a strong relationship, which is hard to break because both parties are on the same page. If this couple has a shared vision for the future, nothing and no one can stand in their way. However, although they are very compatible, these traits can work against you if you cannot agree.

Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman Relationship

the drama between scorpio man and taurus woman

The compatibility between Scorpio and Taurus is higher than it might seem. Taurus and Scorpio are opposite zodiac signs and because of that, sometimes they are hopelessly attracted to each other.

Their first meeting could be simply incredible and Taurus could be surprised by the passion that his presence awakens.

Given the connection between Mars and Venus there is a good chance that a strong magnetic attraction will arise between the two signs Taurus and Scorpio.

On an intellectual level, both are less likely to find a common platform, but if they do, it can become, with total security, one of the best love combinations of the zodiac, in terms of compatibility.

Since Taurus is an earth sign, it is generally not easy to convince. The Taurus woman can rival the strong will of the Scorpio and is happy to assert her dominance, when necessary. She is ambitious and can be very stubborn, especially when it comes to getting what she wants the way she wants it.

The Taurus woman takes her time, in everything she does, including romance, so she evaluates situations beforehand, since she highly values ​​the confidence they give her.

You only get involved in a serious relationship when you know you are in a safe space, where you can be free and speak your mind.

When falling in love, the Taurus woman shares the passion of the Scorpio man and also shows her partner an extra layer of sensuality.

Scorpio is a highly intuitive water sign, whose instincts are usually always correct, although it is also very mysterious and difficult to read at the beginning of the relationship. More, once you meet him, you will see that the Scorpio man will do everything possible to take care of his partner, family and friends.

Because he gives his all, Scorpios are very careful about who they invite into their inner circle and only allow a privileged few to see their flaws and insecurities. If you manage to break down his barriers, you will find a great romantic who will remain loyal, despite his love of being independent.

Although some Scorpios need distance, on some occasions, they always return home to protect their loved ones. And it is that, Scorpio men have the tendency to be extremely protective to the point of jealousy.

So if the Scorpio man feels aggrieved or suspects infidelity, he becomes vindictive and relentless, because all his emotions are intensified by his passion.

But, that passion can be very advantageous in the bedroom, as Scorpios will take over and use their strong intuition to their advantage. And since he is an expert in reading physical and emotional signals, it is not uncommon to find a Scorpio man who can read very well what his lover wants.

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