Scorpio Man and Leo Woman love compatibility

Leo Woman Scorpio Man – A Make Or Break Relationship

Scorpio Man and Leo Woman ( 33% Compatible)

Scorpio and Leo Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage 10%
Scorpio and Leo Emotional Compatibility Percentage 10%
Scorpio and Leo Communication Compatibility Percentage 30%
Scorpio and Leo Trust Percentage 60%
Scorpio and Leo Intellectual Compatibility Percentage 50%
Scorpio and Leo Common Interests 40%
Scorpio and Leo Overall Compatibility Percentage 33%

Zodiac Element Compatibility

Scorpio and Leo = Water + Fire

Scorpio men and Leo women do not achieve a fluid relationship due to their dominant personalities, which collide in different ways. They have a relationship where it is very easy for both of them to get emotionally hurt and the Leo woman’s stubbornness makes their fights really bitter.

That same stubbornness drives them to continue their relationship and find ways to make it work, rather than just giving up and moving on like others would.

The Scorpio man and Leo woman have many shared principles and values ​​and, additionally, they possess an unmatched sex drive. With effective communication and a little knowledge about a partner’s astrological traits, many of the relationship challenges can be addressed and avoided.

It is also important that they consider that each individual and each relationship is different, so it is important to have all the knowledge about the other to succeed in the relationship.

Scorpio Man and Leo Woman Friendship

Trust is a fundamental bastion and where Scorpio and Leo shine, whether in friendly relationships or in love relationships. If the Scorpio man is wary of any kind of secrecy, then the honesty and openness of the Leo woman will prevent complications from developing between them.

The good news is that Leo women have nothing to hide and are outspoken about their need for lots of friends. The morals and loyalty of the Leo woman are highly desired and treasured by her Scorpio friends or lovers.

For the Leo woman it is very easy to make friends, while for the Scorpio man it is a bit more difficult, since he is much more selective in doing so. Scorpio men’s self-awareness prevents them from jumping into a new relationship without careful thought.

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