Sailor Moon (Character)

Sailor Moon is FAR Stronger Than You Think!

Sailor Moon (Character)

Speed: FTLx (Comparable to Sailor Venus) || At least FTLx (Way faster than the other Sailor Senshis, can attack from Stellar distances Instantly and can react to those attacks) || At least FTLx, Likely MFTL (Comparable to Sailor Saturn and Pharaoh 90. [[Silver Crystal was stated to be thousands of times powerful than Tairon Crystal which enabled Pharaoh 90 to move the Tau Galaxy) || At least MFTL (Vastly more swifter and powerful than her Arc III version) || At least MFTLx, Likely Immeasurable as Lambda Usagi (Can Fight on Equal Grounds with Sailor Galaxia. Lambda Usagi should be comparable to Sailor Cosmos as both of them possesses Cosmos Crystal. Moreover, even Lambda Chibusa can go to 30th Century via Flight alone and Lambda Usagi scales above her), Unknown as Neo Queen Serenity

Durability: City , Likely Planet+ || Solar System+ || Galaxy+ || Nigh-Universal || At least Universe+ (Tanked an attack from Chaos that previously damaged Sailor Galaxia), Likely Low Multiversal as Lambda Usagi, Unknown as Neo Queen Serenity

Lambda Usagi: In the Battle with Chaos, Usagi accepted the Cosmos in its entirety, vowing her eternal love and embrace of the cosmos even if everything she knows is destroyed. Through her acceptance of the entire cosmos, she absorbed the power of all the Sailor Crystals working in unison and gained the ability to manipulate the Lambda Power itself. When she first attained this state she restored and remade the entirety of the static cosmos (all of existence regarded as one unit) and destroyed Chaos (Nonexistence itself) merely by accident. In this state, Usagi can use the powers of all Sailor Senshi except Sailor Chaos, and can use the Lambda Power to regenerate from nothingness itself (as she melted down into nothing but lambda essence within the Galaxy Cauldron but regenerated) and can use the most powerful technique in the entire series. Upon achieving this point, she had transcended past the Silver Crystal and the title of Sailor Moon, temporarily no longer being a Sailor Senshi. It is in this state that Usagi will in the far future rein as the queen of Crystal Tokyo, Neo-Queen Serenity.

Henshin: Usagi can use the power of her Sailor Crystal to transform into Sailor Moon. Early on Sailor Moon was by far the weakest of the Sailor Senshi. However when she awakened to her past life as Princess Serenity she began to grow in power rapidly. She would later use the Henshin Power to access even higher forms of Sailor Senshi. The Henshin Power can also be used to teleport through dimensions or reverse enemy-magic.

Super Sailor Moon: Using the Holy Power of the Moon Grail, and later the power she was given by Helios, Sailor Moon can transform into an Enhanced form of Sailor Senshi. The first time she transformed into Super Sailor Moon, she emanated at least 10,000 more energy then the Moon Spiral Heart Attack and scared Pharaoh 90.

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