Sagittarius Man Favorite Body Part (a Guide for His Partner)

Sagittarius’ Favorite Body Part: The Hips And Upper Legs

“Their hips don’t lie with a Sag,” Stardust said. “Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs because they are the body parts involved in movement, and the archer is the great explorer.”

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Sagittarius Man Favorite Body Part (a Guide for His Partner)

In fact, he knows clearly about his attractiveness but he chooses to stay humble. That’s why he keeps reminding himself that other guys are more charming than he is. It’s unexpected as Sagittarius is known for their self-confidence. Therefore, he looks for someone who sincerely compliments his looks so that he can maintain his confidence.

The Sag guy knows it well that he has nice thighs. In fact, he likes them the best out of other parts of his body because they are attractive to him. He looks beyond charismatic and handsome when walking past others. Remember to exercise regularly to keep them fit and strong.

He thinks that there’s no reason to hide this amazing part away. Thus, don’t be surprised when seeing him flaunting those strong, muscular legs without abandon. At the party, it’s easy to spot a Sagittarius because he’s likely to appear in a pair of tight jeans that can show both his thighs and legs well.

Well, he totally realizes the splendor of his long legs; that’s easy to realize because his closet is full of clothes showing off this favorite body part of his. Some women who are in relationships with Sagittarius man all say that his legs are obviously more than half of his body.

In general, it’s easy to spot a Sagittarius guy. Why? Just notice his lower body part and you will see that his legs are long, shapely and strong, even if he is not too tall. He is also well-known for his well-built thighs, sexy neck and back. This physicality gives him the build perfect for challenging sports and fitness.

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