Sagittarius Love, Marriage Compatibility: Find the best match for Sagittarius

Aries is considered the best partner for Sagittarius. They both are optimistic, adventurous, and broad-minded. They love freedom and share a strong desire to explore and learn new things.


3 Zodiac Signs Sagittarius Is Most Likely To Marry

These two fire signs make a great pair because they have a lot in common. For instance, like Sag, Aries are energetic and impulsive. “This works perfectly with Sagittarius, who is spontaneous and the zodiac’s athlete,” Semos says. “This pair doesn’t play games or withhold their emotions. Theyre both unapologetically enthusiastic.” Freedom-loving Sagittarius will also appreciate how independent Aries is. They can happily commit to them long-term without feeling like they need to compromise their need for space.

When youre an independent Sagittarius who loves going wherever you want, whenever you want, it takes a special kind of person to tie you down. Truth be told, marriage isnt a huge priority in your life. In fact, the idea of commitment makes you itch, and you can totally find happiness in flying solo for the rest of your life. But dont count marriage out just yet. According to an astrologer, the three zodiac signs Sagittarius is most likely to marry will change your mind about commitment.

These two fun-loving fire signs will be immediately drawn to each others personalities. Sagittarius, in particular, will especially love Leos wild side and confidence. “Leo does everything with gusto, wears their heart on their sleeves, and requires affection and attention,” Semos says. The lion has too much pride to “beg or grovel or be too clingy in a relationship,” which works well for Sagittarius, who finds that to be their biggest turn-off. This couple will have a lot of fun and romantic adventures together.

Now, that doesnt mean Sag wont ever marry. They just need a lot of freedom and excitement in their relationship for it to work. According to Semos, they need a spouse who is fairly independent, open-minded, and energetic. They need someone who can keep up with them while also being the “glue” to keep the relationship together. Even if the archer is committed, theyll still need someone to help ground them every now and then. According to Semos, the following three zodiac signs most likely to marry Sagittarius will do just that.

Libra and Sagittarius may not seem like the best match, as Libra values romance and Sagittarius doesnt. “However, Libra is so social that even in a committed relationship, they’ll be so involved with their flurry of friends and acquaintances that Sagittarius will get that much-needed emotional breathing room,” says Semos. Plus, Libra tends to stay on the lighter side of emotions and prefers talking through problems as they come. This will be refreshing for Sagittarius, who values honesty and directness in relationships. Once an issue is solved, theyll be able to quickly move on and enjoy being together. Its very drama-free, which Sagittarius appreciates.

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