Recover Kik Contacts: 3 Simple Ways

See Everyone You’ve Ever Messaged On Kik

Recover Kik Contacts: 3 Simple Ways

Move on to another software, of course. EaseUS was just one of the data recovery software for Android we used for demonstration. We suggest giving Dr.Fone Data Recovery for Android (or the iOS equivalent) a try. Not only is the company reputable and has a high success rate of data recovery, but they also offer two bonus categories, Kik and Kik Attachments. We demonstrated the steps required in our guide for recovering call history. To be more precise, the Restoring call history using Dr.Fone – Data Recovery (Android) headline. Don’t forget to put a checkmark in front of the aforementioned category names in steps 5 and 8.

Don’t fret if don’t have a backup to restore from. You can scrape the storage for file fragments that remain after they’re deleted, contacts included. You only have to act quickly and use the right tools. We discussed this method in-depth in our “how to recover deleted contacts from phone“ guide. Follow instructions listed under headlines How to restore contacts on Android with EaseUS MobiSaver and Using an EaseUS MobiSaver for iOS.

Because Kik uses e-mail, username, or a phone number if the methods do not produce results, you can start digging for contacts one by one. We’d suggest using websites such as KikFriendFinder or KikUsernames. Besides the 3 details above, you can also use age, gender, and location to narrow down the search and reconnect with Kik contacts.

Never thought you’d want to continue chatting with someone on Kik, so you deleted their contact? Or was it a disaster such as a factory reset, or a hardware/software problem that led to data loss? Regardless of the cause, the fact is – you can no longer chat with a person or a group of people on Kik. Luckily, there’s a strong possibility that can be solved. The primary obstacle in the way is that the app doesn’t offer a direct way to get them back. Even recovering Kik messages is limited compared to other chatting apps. Don’t let that discourage you, since you can still learn how to recover Kik contacts. Let’s begin.

The easiest way to get Kik contacts back is through a respective cloud backup for Android or iOS. Smartphones display Kik contacts in the Contacts/People app and they are thus part of the backup package. Well, provided you’ve enabled automatic backups or manually backed up data to Google Drive or iCloud. If you did, check our WhatsApp chat recovery guide. Then, follow instructions under headlines titled Restore chat from Google Drive backup and Restore conversations from an iCloud backup.

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