Put That Hot Virgo Man Under Your Spell

The Virgo Man Secrets program designed by the astrologer Anna Kovach, who tells about her own failures in the communication with Virgo, is aimed at helping you to give instructions on how to avoid conflicts with your beloved Virgo man.

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7 Magic Ways To Win His Heart

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Does Virgo Man believe in “love at first sight”?

It is very unlikely that Virgo’s life will be upset by the so-called “love at first sight. According to Virgo man love is a feeling that slowly conquers those born under this sign. In the beginning, his attention is focused on the study of the potential partner, her qualities, her defects, and every little detail is carefully examined.Â

Before going through all the difficulties it’s important to know that Virgo man will be a tough nut to crack. Those born under this sign, as well as their female counterparts, are honest, loyal to the core, and incredibly sincere. To win his heart, start with becoming his friends, and then (maybe, if you pass the auditions) he may let you in his world. Before he lets you in, Virgo man will make it hard for any woman to earn his love. Be aware, you will find yourself in front of a person impossible to conquer.

Climbing to the top of his heart can be exhausting and take our word for it as much as we say it is. Is it worth it? Sure it is, every moment is worth it. But you must be ready to face the hard sides of his character, which under the influence of the astral plane often seem to take him in another direction, far from the one you took.

Virgo Man is always looking for someone who can satisfy his security needs. Virgo has a certain affection for people who share his health-conscious attitude. The ideal lover is the one who manages to put him at ease, who knows how to stimulate his intellectually but also sexually.

The main problem of the Virgo Man is his shyness. Hence, he often does not let himself go and hesitates if he has to tell you something important. If you tell yourself that you are a friend of him you already have a small place in his heart but before you love him you have to melt in with affection and understanding.

Yes, as we said Virgo man is shy. He fears being hurt (just like Cancer man does) by those who he doesn’t know too well, hence he will be less talkative when with others. He doesn’t do it out of nastiness or because he doesn’t care, he just doesn’t trust. He lives relationships with detachment because he’s shy and insecure and these sides of his character are reflected in the story and the way he behaves with you.

The Virgo partner must possess great personal skills, like honesty, the ability to respect others, take care of loved ones, must never show off, respect herself, and be charismatic. To Virgo man love, harmony, and the above do matter, not to forget loyalty, which according to him is fundamental to maintain a healthy relationship. Romanticism is another gift that can play an important role when trying to win over someone born under this sign.

Due to his relaxed passion, the man of the sign of Virgo is the ideal bed companion for a large number of signs of the Zodiac. But the greatest sexual understanding undoubtedly is with the Taurus woman. She’s a strong woman, lover of the pleasures of life, passionate and faithful, she is the ideal companion with whom to undertake long marathons under the sheets.

He is very well prepared in bed, less on the emotional front

Get ready, because Virgo man in bed is a bomb. He does not give himself generously (again for that little problem of trust) but when he opens up between the sheets then you’re in a different world. His perfectionism is reflected in bed because he will do everything to satisfy you but if you want more you will just have to wait for him to decide to unbalance. On the feelings front, the Virgo man is not so open. Enjoy him between the sheets as much as you can and talk about the rest later.

For the sign of Virgo, the most exciting part of sexual intercourse is that of foreplay, a phase in which it reveals all the intensity of its feeling. As in all things, even in the sexual sphere, the Virgo man shows his particular attention to detail and nothing is left to chance, not even the most insignificant of details.

His nature oriented towards the satisfaction of others makes him particularly vulnerable to the requests of his partner, who, from this point of view, will be able to count on a person who is always ready to satisfy every desire.

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