Pure Review May 2022: The App for Instant Casual Hookups?

In terms of your personal details, I looked into Pure and this seems to be a very safe app to use. In fact, it’s safer than most other apps simply because your account is deleted an hour after you create it.

Pure Hookup App Review [Quick, Direct, And Discrete]

How can I delete my Pure account and cancel my subscription?

  • Records over 40,000 monthly download globally
  • Top visitors are mostly from Russia and in the United States
  • Males slightly outnumber females
  • Most users are 25-34 years old
  • Majority of the members access the website via mobile
  • Most of the members hail from the United States but there are also members who are living in Russia, Canada, Ukraine, Brazil, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, and Argentina.

    There are more male members than females and most of them are straight singles who are on the younger age range of 25 to 34 who mostly access the website using their mobile phones. Females Males

    Here you can see how membership figures at Pure are developing compared to others

  • Aldr*** 24 years 07.07.2020 I like this>
  • Jane*** 35 years 17.04.2020 good>
  • Just*** 35 years 11.03.2020 Filled with scammers and escorts. I would guess there are less than 1% real women on this app in major cities like NY>
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  • Lots of insider information for more success
  • Download the app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store first to get started
  • It takes 2-3 minutes to register
  • You should grant permission to let the app process your data
  • Email verification is needed
  • Payment information is asked right away before you can proceed
  • Need to create a new account every time you use the app
  • GPS must be turned on to be able to use this app
  • To get started, download the app on your mobile device first. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store. It is completely free to download, but there are in-app purchases. It would take approximately 2-3 minutes to register. Take note that profiles are temporary and deleted after the 1-hour time limit. Therefore, youd have to create a new profile whenever youd want to use Pure.

    To create an account, open the app and grant the app permission to process your data. This includes your email, phone number, and payment information. Since profiles are deleted after a certain amount of time, the app would need to collect your personal data to finetune the user experience for you.

    After allowing Pure access, youd have to choose if youd want to register via phone or email. After that, you must select your gender, email address or phone number, verify your email or number, choose if you are creating a new account or an old one, and who you are looking for.

    Once those are set, you would have to turn your location settings on. The app heavily relies on GPS to suggest nearby users in your area. You must upload a good photo of yourself. Being a visual app, the app only asks for your gender, sexual preference, photo, and nothing else. Therefore, you remain entirely anonymous. Youd only have your photo to attract possible interactions.

  • Theres no way of expressing your personality other than a selfie
  • Your profile becomes a meeting request which will be shown on anyone near your area using the app at the same time
  • Hit “Yes” on suggested profiles if they interest you
  • If the like is mutual, a chat window pops up
  • All your correspondence, along with your profile, is deleted after an hour
  • Connecting with others can be a game of luck
  • The time limit and location can restrict your activity
  • Sending messages to other users is free for women
  • Pure, like its minimalistic design, has very minimalistic features. Your profile turns into a meeting request which is broadcast to other users using the app near your location. This is when the luck favors those with the right timing and in the right location. You must be in an area where there are lots of Pure users. Also, with the time limit, theres considerably lower activity. Best time it during “peak hours,” whenever that may be in your area.

    While its concept is fresh and trendy, you can only contact others through basic chat. This app observes discretion with its temporary profiles. But to actually contact other users, youd need to mutually like each other. Thats the only way a chat box will be activated.

    If you are in the area where theres not that many Pure users or low activity, its best to skip this one since youd have to fill in your credit card information right away upon signing up. However, if you are just plain old lucky to be in an area where there are loads of Pure users, and you wish to have easy and casual fun, this app is made just for you.

  • Uses personal ads instead of profiles
  • Personal ads are deleted as soon as the 24-hour time limit is up
  • There are no personal details on personal ads other than your selfie
  • You can still change your selfie if you like
  • You must keep on creating new personal ads to keep using Pure
  • Has very minimalistic design
  • Relies heavily on your selfie instead of personality
  • Personal ads displayed are those near your location
  • The profiles are not very detailed
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free
  • The feature that makes Pure stand out from the rest is its self-destructing personal ads. After creating an account, youd only have 24-hours to use it, locate other users near your area, like them, and if they like you back, chat with them and maybe, discuss a meeting arrangement. It works like an Instagram story where everything disappears after a certain period of time. Once the time limit is up, the personal ad, along with your messages, are deleted permanently, Youd have to create a new personal ad to use the app again.

    Other than a selfie, your name and any other personal details will not be displayed on the site. Therefore, youd have to make sure to have one heck of a display photo to get noticed. Remember, the chat window only pops up when the “like” is mutual.

    Having temporary profiles in the form of personal ads that display zero details can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. While it is one way of helping you remain almost anonymous, other users would also be anonymous as well. It is better to take precaution and thoroughly vet your matches well before you go meeting up with them in real life.

  • Pure is available for iOS and Android users
  • Pure can be accessed through its website too
  • The app is easy to use
  • The app uses an interactive and creative interface
  • Pure is available for iOS and Android users and it can be accessed through its website as well. Pure is easy intuitively easy to use and has a creative and interactive user interface.

    Unlike most other dating apps, Pure doesnt offer a lot of unique features to discuss. Its simply a no-frills hookup service where you can establish a profile and send messages to other PURE members.

    All of the features this platform has was reviewed in the upper sections.

    How can I delete my Pure account and cancel my subscription?

  • You can cancel via profile settings
  • You can cancel by managing your app store subscription
  • Yes, your Pure subscription will automatically renew. The notice period for opting out of automatic renewal is 1 Day.
  • Is there a money back guarantee and do you get refunded the full amount?

  • Usually you will not get back the full amount, it will be reduced by the time or credits you used for Pure.
  • is pure app legit

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