Poppi QTπ

Poppi QT Pi can be obtained by completing the side quest Powered-Up Poppi. Powered-Up Poppi is available once you reach Chapter 8 and can be started from Tora’s house, in Gormott.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – How to Get Poppis 3rd Form QT Pi (Powered-Up Poppi Quest)

Poppi QTπ

Poppi retains her color scheme (purple hair, pale skin, black armor with red details, and orange eyes and core crystal) but now has an adult body, with clothing similar to other rare Blades (revealing and hyper-sexualized). She wears a black leotard with glowing orange accents, black armored thigh-highs and long gloves with a long red scarf. Her hair reaches her thighs and is parted at the back in the same style as Mythras.

Poppi QTπ has two Heart-to-hearts; “Quantum Technochampion π” and “Toras Tribe”. The first, between Poppi, Tora and Zeke, discusses Poppis advanced weaponry and how much of her new body was designed by Toras father and grandfather. The second, between Poppi, Tora and Rex, discusses Toras family; he tells them that his mother left when he was young due to his father focusing too heavily on his work instead of his family.

Poppi Quantum Technochampion π (Japanese: ハナ ジャッジメント・デイモード, Hana Jajjimento Dei Mōdo, lit. “Hana Judgement Day Mode”), shortened to Poppi QTπ (Japanese: ハナJD, Hana JD), is an artificial Special Legendary Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She is an alternate form of Poppi. After the Heart-to-Heart “Growing Up” event (located in the Leftherian Archipelago) where more is revealed about Poppi QT, and after reaching Chapter 8, the side quest Powered-Up Poppi is unlocked in Toras House to upgrade Poppi to her third form, Poppi QTπ. Out of all the three forms, Poppi QTπ is the tallest. Although Poppi is not a natural Blade awakened from a Core Crystal and Tora is not a Driver, they work as a kind of Driver and Blade duo during battle. She originally uses the power of Ice with an Attacker class, but she can use any element that has been equipped through Poppiswap. She wields the Variable Saber, which Tora can use in battle.

Poppi QTπ

Poppi QTπ in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Ice Variable Saber Legendary






Attacker (initially)

Aux Cores



Powered-Up Poppi

Merc Group Title

QT Pirates

Voice actor (EN)

Arina Ii

Voice actor (JP)

Misaki Kuno


Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Masatsugu Saito

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