Pokemon starters gender ratio : pokemon

All of the core series starter Pokémon have the gender ratio of 7 males to 1 female, with the exception of Pikachu.

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Pokemon starters gender ratio : pokemon

Look Im going to be straight with you all, the starter Pokemons male gender ratio is ridiculous. Why is it that starter Pokemon have to have male ratio of 87.5% to females 12.5? I dont see the point in that. Sure back in generation 2 when genders became a thing players were likely to use male Pokemon because they had higher attack stats and females higher defense. Now a days thats not the issue, males and females can have equally good stats. But why in the world was it necessary to hit starters with such a high Male ratio? What if I dont want a Male Pokemon of a certain starter. I know this just sounds like a petty complaint about the newer generations like 6 and 7, but starters like the Delphox and Primarina line-up just look so effeminate. Seriously I actually chose not to get them as my starter because I knew there was a huge chance of getting them male. And although doing that whole save and reset trick would work eventually, that just wastes a lot of time and I dont always have that, trust me its a freaking nightmare.

For example the starter event where you can get the starters with theyre hidden abilities, I actually had to reset in segments just to get the natures I wanted for Incineroar and Decidueye not caring what genders they were sense Incineroar has an already masculine design and Decidueye is more gender neutral but for Primarina, man It so effeminate I almost wish it wasnt a starter Pokemon because then it wouldnt have to be cursed to have such a high male ratio. I winded up resetting for like an hour just to get a female Primarina and just stopped at that even though the nature sucked cause thats how fed up I was of resetting. Yet for Incineroar, I got a female of that twice and thats just wrong. One starter spawned female more then another, whats up with that.

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