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Pokemon Legends: Arceus “Bothersome Bidoof” Request Guide (All 3 Bidoof Locations)

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Bothersome Bidoof is the 8th Request in Pokemon Legends: Arceus which requires tracking down three Bidoof who have gotten loose in Jubilife Village. This guide will help find the location of each Bidoof hidden around the village, as well as reveal the rewards for completing the Request further below. Loadingadvertisement

This Request can be obtained by speaking with Tsumugi in Jubilife Village. Shell ask you to help her retrieve the three Bidoof who have run away and hidden in different locations around the village.

Youll first need to add a Bidoof to your team. This can be done by catching one in the wild, or speaking with Marie at the Pasture nearby to add an existing one to your party.

Once youve secured a Bidoof, youll need to make your way to one of the locations weve marked on the map below. The order in which you approach them does not matter.

One Bidoof can be found at the end of the long fence of the Village Pasture near the rocky hills. When you find it, simply approach it and interact with it to initiate a short cutscene with Tsumugi.

Another Bidoof can be found next to a wooden trailer just left of the Canala Avenue homes. Interact with it to begin another cutscene.

The final Bidoof can be found to the right of the Galaxy Hall building at the North end of town. It will be hiding next to a shelf containing chopped wood. As with the previous two, simply interact with this Bidoof to return it to Tsumugi.

After all three Bidoof have been rescued, youll see another cutscene between Tsumugi and Sanqua before the Request is completed.

Youll receive a Rare Candy for completing this Request. advertisementFor a full list of Requests available in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, check out our

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