Plenty of Fish Reviews 2022

Yes, Plenty of Fish is as good as any dating app or website out there. What makes Plenty of Fish stand out is that it puts conversation at the forefront of making a connection. It’s also one of the few dating websites where you don’t need a premium upgrade to fully get all the benefits.

Plenty of Fish (POF) Review 2022  – 5 Important things to know

Plenty of Fish Reviews 2022

Steve Dublin, L I have used POF on and off over several years but I no longer will. As of this month non-paying users can only send one message per day, making the site essentially useless. The quality of the site, where many users are scammers/fakes/catfish, means it would be insane to pay any fee. The tendency for users to have their accounts deleted at random (seriously, their photo algorithms are crap and flag perfectly legitimate s) at a loss of any fees paid also makes it risky. Theres no longer any reason to use POF and plenty of reasons to avoid it

Google User This the one of the dating apps out there, ok if you are a premium paying member the app tells you what age bracket you need to date so if you are a man or a woman and wants to date someone younger they do not allow it seriously what century you guys live on? if a person is 18 years or older is up to the person who they should or not date is an user app all other dating apps get this but POF lives in the 15th century acting as users parents, is probably one of the glitchiest apps specially the messaging system sometimes does not show when you message someone in the past, app is disorganized messy and not user friendly.

curtis Kathleen, GA pof has become bad, I used it 10 years ago and people would write back now nobody does unless its a spamer. I was talking to a girl, I guess and all they wanted me to do was send money. Then I found somebody even got there number and low and behold after texting them a few times they wanted money. Then I had one that kept writing how they loved me and was on the way to see, low behold they want me to seen them money craziest stuff I ever seen in my life

Patrick M , I was a long time member on pof and over the last couple of years it has fallen in accuracy and worth. Recently they allowed my banking info and email address to be compromised. Whoever hacked my account changed my email address so now I cannot provide their support with data to delete my account! So they refuse to further investigate or reimburse me after 19 ridiculous charges were made through their app. Their pathetic Support now has me Trapped in an endless email cycle saying there they need more information to further investigate. When I tell them a response how my info was changed and now I can not provide data except for my user name, and I supply that, They just follow up with the same email a couple of days later. Im telling you they are desperate they and will lock you into repeated subscription payments every month where you can not log in and change your preferences to non subscribe. So all in all I used to enjoy this website but now after this experience I have to say The Site is full of fake profiles and bots. There are many way better dating options out there.

Other online dating sites allow users to sign up for free and then charge them to look at other profiles or send messages. While POF does offer a subscription, all major features are entirely free. Free accounts can message as many people as they want, search profiles and create a profile entirely for free. No matter the type of relationship a member is looking for — long lasting relationship, new friends, or just browsing through potential dates — Plenty of Fish states that the sites most popular features are completely free and always will be.

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