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RUN 2 Gameplay (Level 1-20) COOLMATH GAMES

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Run is a standout game because it is a skill game that is enhanced with qualities like timing, fast-paced gameplay, and having to figure out the route in a puzzle-like fashion. It is likely due to this reason that Run has consistently been one of the most played Coolmath Games year after year ever since its debut many years ago.

Probably the most important advice that we have for Run is to learn from your mistakes. Eventually, you’ll end up falling off of the map, we can almost guarantee it. Rather than getting mad about falling off of the map and having to restart, try and learn why you fell off. Did you take the right path but just jumped a little early? Or do you need to try a different route to get to the end? If you ask yourself these questions, you’ll find yourself becoming a much stronger player pretty quickly.

The speed-up button is really for players who are looking to add some more intensity to the game and give themselves a better challenge. We recommend that you beat all of the levels on regular speed before implementing the speed-up setting. Once you feel really comfortable with the timing and controls, then feel free to go crazy and spice up the game by using the speed-up option!

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