Orange light on AirPods? Here’s what it means and how to fix it

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Orange light on AirPods? Here’s what it means and how to fix it

One of these conditions is when there is an orange light on the AirPods. If you are also getting an orange light on your AirPods and you are now confused about this then you have landed at the right place. Here I am going to discuss the different lighting modes of the AirPods including when the AirPods light flash/bling orange in color. So, let’s get started.

It is hard to confirm by looking at it while the AirPods are charging. This is true that the status LED turns orange when the AirPods are put on charge. But as the charging continues the LED goes off after several seconds of putting them on charge. Hence if you want to confirm whether your AirPods are charging or not, you can plug out the charging cable and re-insert it back in the case to see if the LED is turning orange or not.

Like every other popular wireless earbud, the Apple AirPods also doesn’t come with any display to determine the situation of the AirPods like the battery percentage. However, Apple has provided a multi-colored notification light to tackle this issue. The AirPods’ case is where the light is located and signifies different conditions like when the AirPods are ready to pair, how much battery is available, and if the AirPods need to be set up again. This multi-colored light can light up or flash in white, orange, or green color and signifies the different conditions of the AirPods.

The AirPods comes with one notification light and that light is can light up in different colors. These colors include solid Green color, solid white color, blinking white color, and blinking orange color. All these different lighting modes signify different conditions of the AirPods. Here’s what each of these lighting modes means:

Here comes the end of this article. I am hoping that you would have got the answer to your question that why your AirPods are blinking orange in color. There is only one status LED on the AirPod that is capable of lighting up in green, white, and orange in color. There can be solid flashing of these colors or can even blink. The meaning of each of the status LED lighting modes has been explained in this article. Specifically, the orange light on AirPods indicates that there is an error in the AirPods and are needed to be reset.

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