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Is Farmers Only worth it in 2022?

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Additionally, while it is common practice for standard members (people without memberships) to have minimal site privileges, standard members can upload their profile pics but are relatively powerless until they sign up for a higher-level or premium membership. These members can either send a flirt or scroll through profiles. They are unable to answer any messages unless from a member with the Gold Status membership. The messaging policy makes it difficult for premium members to find other users who can engage in conversation.

CMWitt Sun Prairie, WI Farmers indicates is has many many more members than they actually do. If you are looking for members you can communicate with, like other sites, they need to be paying members. While I believe Farmers used to be a good dating site, I no longer believe this. You cannot search by active members only. The rest are just wasting your time. I believe maybe ten percent of their members are paying. Find another site.

Markell Madden Gray Court, SC If a non paying member can not reply to a paying members message then the site is little more than a scam. Standard members are little more than ghost in the machine unable contact the souls of the living with premium memberships. Premium members know its useless to send standard member message because the can not reply? Why have standard memberships at all they are usless.

N.D. A. New Hebron, MS Farmers Only advertises free dating; however, this is not true. Once they have you on the site you can do absolutely nothing in the site except see pictures of men and be notified they liked you. POF offers you the option to chat. They then have a really nice gentleman send you a like but you cant see anything. BEWARE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!! IT is an enticement to have you sign up. I called to cancel my subscription within 12 hours and was told by David I would receive full refund. Well needless to say this did not happen THIS SITE IS A TOTAL HOAX. Save your time an money and do not use this site EVER!!!!!!

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