OkCupid reviews in 2022: Is it worth it?

With 20+ sexual orientations and 12 gender identities to choose from, OkCupid is literally the dating site for everyone. Founded by Christian Rudder, Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, and Max Krohn way back in 2004, plenty of R&D has gone into making OkCupid one of 2020’s most popular dating sites.

OkCupid Review – Is okCupid worth it in 2022?

What you’ll get with OkCupid’s free version:

  • Access to see all of your potential matches
  • Send and receive Likes
  • Send and receive messages.
  • OkCupid’s basic version:

  • $12.49/month for 6 months
  • $16.66/month for 3 months
  • $24.99/month for one month
  • No outside ads
  • Send unlimited Likes
  • Option to set dealbreakers in your search preferences
  • Unlock all of your Intros
  • OKCupid Premium

  • $17.49/month for 6 months
  • $23.33/month for 3 months
  • $34.99 for one month
  • All of the features of OkCupid Basic
  • Option to view your Likes ahead
  • Option to view everyones public answers to their questions before you answer
  • In addition to the subscriptions, OkCupid also allows you to buy add-ons to your account. These include:

  • Profile Boosts ($4.99 for 10 boosts)
  • Read Receipts ($0.99 for 20 matches)
  • Superboosts (starting at $29.99 for 3 hours)
  • OkCupid is for everyone.

    As mentioned before, OkCupid prides itself on being an inclusive dating app, going beyond sexual orientation and gender. It’s also open to different types of relationships. Polyamorous couples can link accounts with each other as opposed to just sharing a joint account.

    There are multiple ways to access OkCupid.

    OkCupid has both a desktop and mobile version, letting you access the dating service anywhere at any time. And regardless of how you log on, its interface is very easy to use.

    The opportunity to really get to know someone.

    All the questions and prompts help consumers cut to the chase when it comes to dating. It’s definitely empowering, especially for those who know what their end goal is.

    The site can be hit or miss based on location.

    One thing I’ve noticed (even after setting my location and desired distance to find singles) is that I’ll get matches from people outside my radius. And I live in NYC! So depending on where you live, there might not be too many users using OkCupid. You can set your location preference as a dealbreaker (but that’s with a subscription). This brings me to:

    You can’t set dealbreakers unless you pay.

    When you fill out your ideal person page, you’ll notice at the bottom of every setting that there’s an option to make your preferences a dealbreaker (whether it’d be about the distance, height, or political issues). Unfortunately, that is a feature you can only access if you buy OkCupid’s basic or premium version.

    There are a lot of ads on the free site.

    Lots of users complain about the number of ads on OKCupid’s free site. Luckily, you can get an ad-free experience if you pay for a subscription.

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    OkCupid is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which makes sense given their parent company (Match Group) also doesn’t have a rating. However, customer reviews give the Match Group a rating of 1.02 out of five stars. While most comments are about other Match Group dating apps, two reviewers complain about having issues with their OkCupid accounts as well as being shown fake profiles from out of the country.

    On Trustpilot, OkCupid has a 1.3 rating and plenty of reviews from users with very strong opinions. One of them calls OkCupid a pathetic website, while another calls it a scam. (Keep in mind, that people love to complain when they write reviews) However, there are some reviews that seem fair and honest. One reviewer feels that OkCupid was once a good website until it got acquired by the Match Group. Another likes the concept but feels that fake profiles and limited features get in the way of its potential.

    Reddit users on OkCupid appear to be frustrated with some of the app’s limitations. The biggest complaints (mostly from male users) are not being able to set dealbreakers and not being able to message other users without liking them. Personally, I feel that these Redditors are failing to see the benefit behind changing their messaging. It shows that OkCupid cares about their users having a safe dating experience and are listening to their feedback.

    The second biggest thing that Redditors complain about is how small the dating pool is. Of course, location can either make or break your dating app experience, and that goes for any dating app.

    Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of the oldest dating sites (launched in 2003). It was one of the most popular dating sites back in the day before apps like Tinder and Bumble stole the scene. The site markets itself as a place for people who are seriously looking for love.

    POF and OkCupid are similar in the sense that their end goal is the same: to help consumers find connections. They even both have their version of a personality assessment to help you find compatible matches.

    One thing that POF has over OKCupid is that it has more free features. For example, on POF you can message anyone online (on OKCupid, free messaging is limited to introductions that other uses cant see until they like our profile). However, with messaging being so laissez-faire, theres lots of opportunities for unwanted messages to crawl into your inbox.

    POF also has a way bigger dating pool, with 78,000,000 from the USA (OkCupid only has 10,000,000), making it a better option especially if you live in low populated areas, but OKCupid wins with their inclusivity, could be better for individuals who identify themselves as something beyond traditional labels.

    Like OkCupid, POF is owned by Match Group, so it does not have its own BBB page. When you read the reviewers on Match Group’s BBB page, there’s not much said about POF. However, these two websites differentiate greatly on TrustPilot. POF has a great review on Trustpilot (4.2 stars) with reviewers saying it’s a great app and easy to use.

    If you’re on a budget and live in a more remote location, Plenty of Fish might be worth trying, but honestly, there isn’t too big of a difference between these two websites.

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