OkCupid Profile Search: 5 Free Secret Ways to Find Someone on OKCupid

OkCupid is a free dating site at its best and a great way to meet people in your area. Other times, you might need to scour the search result to find someone. The OkCupid app is popularly abbreviated as OKC and has also evolved to become a favorite app for online dating.

Searching a profile on Okcuid can be tricky. This becuase the teh app itse;f doesn’t allow you to search profiles. But luckly, socialcatfish.com gives you access to our custom technology that allows you to search through billions of recods to find someone’s dating profiles with just a few clicks. Use the search bar below to run your first search today.

OkCupid used to have a way to search by “username,” which made it relatively easy to look up someone’s frequently used moniker or screen/username. However, perhaps to help with privacy, the site ditched the “username” search (which used to be an option shown just below the “bookmarks” tab), labeled as “Find a user.”

Who are you searching for? Start with a simple search when signing up, which lists their age, gender (for which OkCupid has many choices), location, and how recently the user logged into the site. If you’re searching for a particular age, different gender, or place, this could be helpful, but you will not find what you need, especially if the person you are looking for is scared of divorce.

Here are the top best ways to search for someone specific on OkCupid today.
  1. Search by Their Old OkCupid Username (From Before the Redesign) If the person you’re looking for signed up prior to the redesign in 2018, you can still find them by their old username! …
  2. Find Someone Using What You Know About Them.

OKCupid Username Search ✚ Funnest OKCupid Username Ever

OkCupid Profile Search: 5 Free Secret Ways to Find Someone on OKCupid

With the OkCupid search function being out of the picture, finding someone’s profile through the OkCupid app itself has been reduced to adjusting your preferences. The more you know about that person, their name, age, location, height, weight, education levels (literally any details you can summon up), the more accurate the system will match your preferences to help you pinpoint the person.

To do so, simply fire up OkCupid, then tap on Preferences and fill in the fields based on how you know the person. Once finished, you can navigate to Discover and scroll through the profiles until you track down the person. This may be a hectic process, so you’ll need to be patient (Again, you can use Spokeo to save you the legwork).

It’s true that OKCupid has dispensed with the search feature within the app, but you can use other ways to search a person: through people finder tools such as BeenVerified and Spokeo and adjusting your preferences. The first approach helps you unlock someone’s all social network profiles with name, phone number, email address, or home address, while the second requires you to fill in as much information as possible to match the person in question.

OkCupid App Advanced Filters: Step 1

If the automated search results from your sign-up don’t reveal the results, you need, and you want to fine-tune your efforts, do the following.

First, when looking at the underlying search the site is running for you (which will read something like, Men/ Women/etc. who are interested in ________ ages ___ – ___ located _______ online within __________), click any of dashed underlines showing selections and you will be given a simple list of other options to update. From there, you can search again, with the new information you’ve entered.

Advanced Filters: Step 2

However, step 1 still keeps search results limited to the basics. To find someone online, you will typically need more features by which to search. Although preliminary information matters (age, location, gender, etc.), you will need to add more options for the best results.

Knowing this, OkCupid doesn’t disappoint! Look to the right, of the primary automated search, for (3) vertical lines with dots (shown here).

Click on the of the lines and a new window will pop up. In this new window, you will find far more detailed search options (see picture). These include an ability to search by looks, height, attractiveness, body type, questions (OkCupid uses a detailed Q&A ranging from traditional to obscure questions to determine personality and compatibility), background, personality, vices.

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