October Zodiac Sign

Were You Born On The Cusp Of A Zodiac Sign THIS Is What It Means For You!

October Zodiac sign:

The two signs that are associated with October are Libra and Scorpio. In the following discussions, we will discuss these signs and their effects on the personality individual.


The members of the Libra sign are born from October 1st to October 22nd. It is an air sign that is associated between Gemini and Aquarius. Individuals born under this sign love peace and they avoid loneliness. These people love justice and equality. They are always in the search of their inner core which means a lot to these people. These people avoid conflicts and maintain a peaceful environment. Venus is the planet that rules the sign of Libra. The individuals born under the Libra sign are cooperative and diplomatic.

October 1st zodiac:

The dominant parts of an individual personality that is being a Libra born on 1st October are creativity, diplomacy, and warmth. If you are born on October 1st, you will often use creativity in solving conflicts. The people that are born on 1st October and being a Libra maintain a peaceful and friendly environment.

Air is the paired element of Libra. If you are born on 1st October, then you have a strong relationship with air. If you have a relationship with air, then you will be on the right path to improvement. You should avoid negative qualities of air that include social distance.

The planetary ruler of October’s first zodiac is Venus. The planet ‘Venus’ represents love, harmony, and beauty. It has an influence on you that you love and wants to be loved.

Being 1st October zodiac, your social behavior will lead you to various careers. The quality of your diplomacy may lead you to a career like a manager, supervisor, etc. your quality of creativity may lead you to the world of entertainment.

The Sabian symbol for October 1st is a portrait of three old masters hanging in the art gallery. These three parts of man refer to mind, instinct, and feeling. If you have a stronghold on these characteristics, it will help you in making wise decisions.

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