October 25th Zodiac

October 25th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality – Scorpio – Part 1

October 25th Zodiac

Emotional life of those born on the 25th of October depends greatly on their conversation skills and the way they learned to express their feelings with those they love. This may be the area that needs some work and their bonds will often remind them of faulty words they might choose or bruise them with dialogues filled with misunderstandings. They need someone to listen closely in an intimate connection between hearts and won’t settle for less than what will feed their need for emotional clarity.

Scorpios born on October 25th are to find their grounding through physical activity and contact with physiology. They should stop and listen to messages from their body, get enough sleep and become aware of their existence in the material world. Before finding their authentic instincts and separating them from influences of others, their life could be a fight and a struggle that puts aggression to focus. However, once their task is complete and they realize that they are meant to lead the way, just as they are, they become an inspiration to all those who need assistance, practical guidance and strength.

A birthday gift for someone born on October 25th can be anything that needs to be put together, a puzzle or a set of sticks that combine into a castle. They wish to play with details and prolong their focus on something inspiring and motivating. If you wish to go with something simpler, bring them two presents at the same time, one of each sparking a different side to their personality. Acknowledge their dark side and their joyous inner child, and don’t be afraid of risky choices that others might frown upon.

This planetary row connects personal entities with the essence of Scorpio, telling the tale of issues that are deeply unacceptable and hard to forgive. A lot of information is found here, and people born at this time are deep in their research and analysis, gathering insights from important dialogues and social circles. They feel the need to discuss what isn’t clear, the unseen, to reach for the truth that will liberate them from torn loyalties between their emotional and rational choices in life. It is typical for their family circumstances to put an accent on communication between their parents which might be faulty and destructive, or in some cases extremely deep, with very little words but thorough understanding they have yet to build in their own contacts.

Dumortierite is a stone that brings mental clarity and peace to those born on October 25th, giving them the right amount of patience for their own inner processes and other people in their life. It is a stone that teaches one how to stand up for themselves and take control of their own life. It assists with both language-based and mathematical mental skills and stimulates sharing of messages received from realms of the unseen.

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