November 28th Zodiac

It’s often said that a Sagittarius born on November 28 is their own best friend and worst enemy. They know how to break rules to get attention. But they’re also creative and can inspire others. They have bursts of creative energy, as well as periods of indolence during which they produce very little.

November 28th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality – Sagittarius – Part 1

November 28th Zodiac

The main purpose in lives of those born on November 28th is to find their direction in life. While they will follow many roads and embark on new adventures, finding the right calling in their heart will require time and dedication. Their world could be tainted with numerous convictions that aren’t their own, and the inner struggle will mostly reflect in their search for the truth while listening to all sorts of static and dogmatic views from the side. They need a lot of open space to reach the point of clarity, so they can focus their energy on goals that inspire them and make them feel alive. Once their direction is found, they typically become wealthy travelers, teachers, and those who know how to touch the heart of others seeing straight to the core of their issues.

Rushing towards the future and positions and achievements they wish to have, Sagittarius representatives born on the 28th of November might find themselves running as far as possible from emotional and family issues that need to be resolved. Dealing with hurt is not their forte, and while they will protect themselves with more and more successful and honest choices for Self, they tend to close their heart and bury feelings that are needed to rise to the surface to be let go of. They are to take a step back, handle issues from the past to secure a solid foundation for the bright future they wish for. To help their own inner world, they need fresh air, time spent in nature and profit most from different breathing techniques that bring emotional peace.

November 28th is an intense date in the calendar, when we need to breathe, slow down, and be tender towards ourselves in order to get where we wish to go. A lot of energy hides in this date, and attempts of those born at this time to live their life as fruitfully as possible, might be wrongly interpreted by others as too childish and sometimes ruthless. Their raw energy will be put to good use as they learn, travel, and expand their horizons to understand their own heart.

Sagittarius representatives born on November 28th love gifts that support their need for movement, especially travel, but they are most likely to get touched by creative gifts you make yourself. Create a collage of shared moments, draw them something to show raw emotion you recognize inside them, or write a funny poem that will boost their self-esteem. They are always prepared for new things and love modern presents with a clear purpose, as well as all those small trinkets that are colorful and symbolic.

A person born on November 28th excels in all fields of philosophy, education and teaching when they gather enough experience through life. Their early years will give strong sportsmen and those willing to fight battles for others, protective and filled with initiative. Innovators and researchers, they are to learn to commit to one issue for long enough to make breakthroughs their mind is capable of making, and in order to do so, need to follow talents they’ve been born with instead of following in anyone elses footsteps.

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