November 21st Zodiac

People born from 22nd November to 21st December are said to have Sagittarius as their zodiac. Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign and has ‘Fire’ as their zodiac element.

November 21st Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality – Scorpio – Part 1

November 21st Zodiac

Tunellite is a good choice of stone for someone born on November 21st, giving clarity to past issues that became obsolete and cutting cords imposed on one by other people as well as those that are no longer functional. It aids astral travel, enhances creativity and helps creative thought find ways of grounding and manifestation. Good for the skin, wrinkles and the overall tone of the skin, it refines ones protection from the outer world enabling compassion that is healthy and filled with understanding while keeping one safe from other peoples emotional troubles.

A birthday gift for someone born on November 21st should be a glass figurine, something to boost their memory, an album or a frame with a picture from good times shared, or a book with depth of emotion and a happy ending. They want their sensitive side acknowledged and understand the value of intimacy, and while they will appreciate something that others might find disturbing, it has to come from the depth of shared contact you have with them or it will simply stir up their emotional world.

Emotions could toss people born on the 21st of November from one shore to another, pulling them back and forth until they find balance in the way they express them. They need a partner they can talk to until the air is clear. Misunderstandings might be hurtful and their lack of patience will suddenly show when they least expect it to, usually after years or swallowed feelings. Their relationships could be either extremely intense or in ways passive and stuck, and they need to find middle grounds that will allow them to share their passionate side while staying stable and turning to the peace of family life they wish for.

Without a clear sense of understanding for their emotional deep issues, a romance could last but bruise them every time they try to share. They need a lot more intimacy than people around them might believe is enough and shouldn’t settle for anything less than what they know in their heart to be their own truth in the quest for love. Stable and compassionate, they function well in unions that respect emotional sharing and mutual understanding of vulnerable aspects of self that we all need to protect from the rest of the world to let our contacts flow from a position of safety.

The natural order of things might be a bit tough to handle for those born on this date, and they need to accept their personal battle for the child within before they decide to “grow up” in ways that aren’t functional or supportive of their vulnerable authentic personality. The feminine is to strengthen until they are ready to stand their ground and protect their emotions and their own inner child, so they can truly turn to creative and loving activities they wish to do and live off in their everyday lives. It is up to them to stand in front of authorities, asking for their rightful place to be acknowledged.

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