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No contact success story part 2: : BreakUps

I’ll try to keep this short: we broke up March 1st and I immediately went into no contact. I didn’t reach out to her for any reason. It was extremely hard but I knew it was the only way to either heal or get her back. It took 3 months for her to reach out to me. She slid up on my Snapchat story and I kept it short and sweet but made sure to reply so she knew I didn’t hate her. Fast forward a couple weeks I called her up knowing she missed me and we met up and just talked for hours. It took us about 30 minutes to get comfortable and then we were spilling our hearts out to each other. Before I left I told her I’d be willing to talk again but she had to reach out to me. She texted me within 5 days and since then we started rebuilding by taking things slow and communicating everything. I told her she had to be the one to ask me to make it official and now here we are better than ever.

No Contact Success Story : BreakUps

2 1/2 years we dated, and now 2 months later I am 100% okay. Do yourself a favor and go into no contact immediately. Only focus on yourself, how to improve, how to live this new life & I promise you will find happiness. Personally, I started going harder in the gym, trying new looks, meeting new people, took a week long vacation. Etc.

From the day we broke up I have not texted her, I have not reached out in anyway. I unfollowed her on social media (she still follows me) but I do not care. I’m no longer holding onto that hope because I no longer want the “back together” outcome. And I remember a month ago seeing people say these similar things and thinking “I’ll never not want her.” I’ve reached a point of inner happiness and excitement to meet new people and to live MY life, do whatever the hell I want to do. I think no contact has played a tremendous role in making me realize that I don’t need someone else to be happy.

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