My Taurus Man Keeps Pushing Me Away

Why Taurus Man pulls back

1. Irresponsibility

Taurus men need respect and trust in a relationship—otherwise, there’s no foundation for him.

If your Taurus Man pulls away, you must first show that you’re responsible enough to trust and then responsible enough to respect. This is especially true when it comes to matters of love and money.

If you’re constantly getting fired, emptying your bank account, losing your wallet, or behaving carelessly with your possessions, he won’t be able to relate.

Even worse—act irresponsible with his heart, his hopes, and his sensitive spots, and you’re finished.

A Bull can smell instability, and it turns them pale. He’s always trying to walk the line and can grow resentful of those that can’t or won’t.

If you feel like you’re lacking structure, try to plant a few roots. Tidy and upgrade your home, perhaps with some comfy, stylish new furniture. You could open a savings account, buy a few Tile trackers for your keys, or start a side hustle with one of your secret skills.

Someone with her feet on the ground and her eye on the prize—now that’s something that really turns a Bull’s head.

2. Emotional Meltdowns

This solemn sign adores endurance—it might even have been a Taurus who first said (quite wrongly) that strong men don’t cry.

The slow and deliberate processing of emotions is the Taurus way, and that includes both actions and reactions.

They’re slow to anger, slow to love, and slow to digest. If a tornado blows through their lives, they’ll either survive because they were tied to something steady or die because they think quickly enough to run.

If there’s one thing a Taurus doesn’t understand, it’s a meltdown. The chaos of emotions and the suddenness of impact are totally bewildering to the Bull.

It’s likely that a Taurus man won’t understand what cocktail of triggers upset you, and worse, he won’t see why you reacted so strongly. The lightning-strike timeline of many meltdowns is also nerve-shredding to the average Bull, who cherishes safety and predictability.

Some signs can take a little drama in stride, mostly because they can understand the hows and whys. Not Taurus.

They’re some of the most supportive and emotionally generous creatures out there, though, and they want to be your rock when something’s going down.

So dial back the tears, swallow your anger, and count to 10 before choosing your words. Then ask for his help. You’ll be curled up in his arms in no time.

3. Shabbiness

And part of their initial attraction to you was likely physical, even though you’re definitely funny, sweet, and great to be with, too.

And it’s not necessarily the facade of beauty that Taurus is drawn to. Makeup, good hair, and nice clothes are a great bonus, but if it isn’t you, they’ll know.

Natural beauty is at the top of the list for a Taurus man, and that means beauty you can see both inside and out—a fresh-faced kind of beauty homegrown from good health and sunshine and, sometimes, good genes.

It may seem contradictory, then, to say that makeup and all that doesn’t matter in the face of natural, inner/outer beauty. Because it actually does.

Let me explain—your accessories and embellishments should only be enhancing what you already have, not hiding imperfections or creating illusions.

To show the extreme end of the spectrum as an example: if you stop taking care of yourself, your diet worsens, you skimp on sleep, and you start living in stained old T-shirts, your Taurus man will notice.

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This sounds unfair— we all have a right to our old T-shirts! But if you can strike a consistent balance between being relaxed and dolling up, that’s a real sweet spot for the Bull.

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