My ex blocked me. Will he come back?

My Ex Blocked Me On Everything (How To Get Unblocked)

How to make your ex unblock you

He blocked me will he come back! It is painful but you are never to beg for love.

However, that doesn’t mean giving up without a fight if you really love the other person and believe it can work out.

After your ex blocks you, pleading and begging him to unblock you will be the automatic reaction.

However, you should do the opposite, which is doing nothing. Yeah, do nothing! However, it will be very difficult not to do anything about it.

If you have ever pleaded with an ex to take you back at any point you already know that it rarely works.

It makes you look weak and it’ll also drive your ex even further. If he blocks you, leave him alone.

However, it doesn’t mean you have to stop trying to get then to unblock you.

The following tips can be employed in this case to make your ex-boyfriend unblock you

Pull away

he blocked me will he come back

The push-pull technique will definitely have your ex missing you and wondering what you are up to.

If you are a constant presence in your ex’s life the push-pull dynamic will be absent hence you have to remove your attention.

The hardest part about that is the fact that it won’t give you immediate results, which everyone in this situation will crave.

It will take loads of self-control, patience and also time to master this.

Being blocked is a sign that your ex doesn’t respect you and if you want respect you have to start working on yourself.

The starting point should be not begging for their attention.

If you are always available your value will go down in their eyes.

When you divert your attention from them it will be pulling the rug from under them hence getting them to cooperate.

Even when they throw their new girl in your face keep calm.

The new girl won’t be around for long if you play your cards right.

Some people will ask, “My boyfriend broke up with me but still contacts me?” or “Why does he text me after breaking up?” If this is the case, pull away.

He should feel the emptiness for him to want to make things right.

Don’t send them gifts

he blocked me will he come back

Gifting them doesn’t do you any favors. It is a courteous act but it is also the worst in your situation.

If it was you saying, “I blocked my ex from everything” you wouldn’t be happy about them contacting you, right?

Therefore, maintain the same principle if you are on the other end. You want to get unblocked and giving them gifts will have an opposite effect.

It will not only look inauthentic but also forceful. If your ex has self-respect such easy baits will be ignored.

You need to be strategic and give it time. To knock your ex off the high horse they have placed their ego on, you should do the opposite should they try to check up on you a while later.

Don’t reach out. This will make them second guess their value in your life and come running back to you.

Don’t stalk them (online and offline)

he blocked me will he come back

It’s understandable to want to know everything after your ex post-break up since he has always been a big part of your life.

With social media, it’s more tempting to keep tabs on them, lol. Checking to see whether they are online, if they are checking your posts, who they are interacting with on social media and so forth is really tempting.

You may even take it offline and go to their place of work or the spaces you are sure you’re likely to bump unto them.

As much as this urge will be strong you want to resist falling for it. It is unhealthy and you also don’t want to risk liking their picture from 153 weeks ago on Instagram.

Keep your calm and look unbothered. That will take you off the block list much faster.

Don’t talk ill about them to mutual friends

he blocked me will he come back

Badmouthing your ex to mutual friends won’t help if you are hoping to get out of their blocklist especially if it isn’t the first time.

One of these mutual friends will eventually tell your ex what you have been saying in his absence.

Remember some are his best friends and even your best friend can betray you, lol!

Talking ill about them will only be fanning their anger and giving them more reason to keep you blocked, lol.

No matter how hurt you are you should keep your mouth shut.

Nobody wants to get back together with a partner who will talk ill of him at the slightest opportunity.

Don’t do anything that will push them further away

he blocked me will he come back

Waiting for the scenario to play out isn’t going to be easy especially if you are still madly in love with your ex, lol.

This can even drive you to do insane things in the hope that they will unblock you.

Rarely will this work and that’s why you should be careful not to push your ex further away while attempting to woo him back to you.

A good way to avoid this is by saying no to rush decisions. Before you do anything, sleep on it and get the opinion of trustworthy friends.

If several people have raised their eyebrows about your decision you shouldn’t go through with it.

My ex blocked me!

he blocked me will he come back

As much as it is easy to connect via social media it is also easy to cut all communication on the same platforms.

People can block you on Facebook or WhatsApp in a second if they no longer wish to interact with you on these platforms.

However, if it bothers you that your ex has blocked you on these platforms it is an indication that you are still into them.

Why your ex blocked you

You wouldn’t leave him alone

he blocked me will he come back

It is important to give your ex some space after a break-up to deal with the situations and process his feelings. E

ven when you want to win him back, nagging him with constant texts or liking his pictures online and following his every move will feel suffocating.

You shouldn’t do that. If he asks you to stop, do so. Otherwise, this will end up having you blocked by your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

To avoid reminders

If they cared deeply for you chances are they still do. Even though it might look like they are not affected, chances are seeing your face or reminders about you still hurts and that is why they might block you in an attempt to regain their life balance.

For their privacy

he blocked me will he come back

Some people start dating immediately after a breakup and if they don’t want to hurt your feelings for jumping back into the pool immediately they might block you.

Your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend might decide to do so.

Also, it could be to have their privacy, especially if they don’t want any interference when it comes to their newly found love.

He is hurt

You won’t be the only heartbroken person if the relationship ends.

If your ex sees you posting happy moments on social media he’ll thinks you have moved on, especially if you broke up last night or recently.

To avoid the constant reminder of how well you are doing without him your ex might block you on WhatsApp or Facebook

He doesn’t want to hurt you

he blocked me will he come back

To avoid awkward conversations about whether or not they have moved on, he might decide to block you on social media.

These conversations, though necessary, do hurt and some people would rather avoid them completely to avoid “hurting you”.

This is an immature way of dealing with the situation but some people will still go for that.


Being blocked by your ex on all social sites might be a revenge move. If you cheated or hurt them badly they might block you to get on your nerves.

It is immature but it actually works. Nobody takes well being blocked by someone who meant much to them.

He no longer cares

he blocked me will he come back

Someone who doesn’t love or like you anymore and has already moved on will not feel any guilt blocking you.

Actually, he’ll do it on a whim and even forget about it especially if he is in a new relationship.

Not that you can tell your ex what to do but if you are trying to save the relationship it will hurt.

Someone who doesn’t want to see or talk to you ever again will block you as an effort to erase or blot you off his life.

There isn’t much you can do in such a case and a new relationship might help.

Therefore, give that person you have been thinking about your phone number and nurture a new relationship when you are ready to move on.

He wants space

he blocked me will he come back

If you had an ugly fight your ex might only need some space.

It is common, especially when it is the first time you are fighting with your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend.

It isn’t the mature way to handle such situations, especially for a long distance relationship, but some people will weaponize silence.

Avoidance and stonewalling are some of the favorite ways many men react after arguments with their loved ones.

However, some will come back when they are ready to interact with you. They see it as a temporary measure to mitigate the situation.

Nonetheless, he should let you know if it is only for a short while so that you are not left wondering whether he is coming back or not.You need to express your need for proper communication the first time this happens.

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