May 11th Zodiac

Tauruses born on May 11 are brilliant, talented, and somewhat unstable. Few people have the creative potential that is the gift of these individuals. Despite a reputation for being short-tempered, even critical, they command the loyalty and devotion of everyone who knows them.

May 11th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality – Taurus – Part 1

May 11th Zodiac

A gift for a Taurus born on May 11th may be branded and expensive, not because they are dependent on the material value of things, but because they enjoy feeling valued through things they can touch. If you have a practical idea that comes from your knowledge of their ways, it is always a better choice, so let things get personal but carefully approach their ego. If you know they are interested in something out of the ordinary, be the one to aid them getting acquainted with it and choose a gift that isn’t obvious and common.

They need their best friend to stand opposed to and fall in love with, and their convictions out of the way instead of affecting them to choose something more traditional than that what feels right. Sharing will go far in the world of their relationships, but without strong boundaries, they could fill the cup too quick and breakup even quicker, untypical for their grounded and stable nature that needs them to slow down and stay committed for a lifetime. The frustration can become truly painful if they are pressured by the system and feel like they must stay with someone for obvious, rational reasons. To set free and float away on their cloud with someone special, they will have to shake off all those social norms and become resistant to other peoples opinions.

A date like May 11th is obvious in its need for sudden turns and changes, and speaks of a higher mind one needs to incorporate in their practicality and their stiff earthly personality. Things will have to shake up and relationships will all be oppositions ready to crack things open, if they don’t approach change in a proper way.

Every person born on May 11th will excel in solitary managing positions, and be the leader with the right causes in mind. Respected and wide in terms of economy and finance, their practical nature has to allow for their mind to sweep in and save the day in the time of need. If they allow surprises in their world and turns from their primal professional choices, their creativity will blossom and they might choose any form of artistic expression later in life. Those with a less sensitive approach to finance could even become gamblers, ready to risk everything they have to make a jump and reach for new heights.

Two Suns always have their battle for supremacy in any planetary row, but the Sun of those born on May 11th is in the slow and steady sign of Taurus, and won’t move however hard you push. You have to see that these are two horned animals in a narrow road, both of them brave and confident, and none willing to move one inch from their primal direction. Luckily, Mercury is also a part of this special connection of two individualities, there to teach them that it is possible to communicate and find two parallel roads they can both move across without anyone getting hurt.

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