Learn about the Lowes Application Process

How to Pass Employment Assessment Test: IQ and Aptitude Questions & Answers

Learn about the Lowes Application Process

Lowes deploy a personality test to better screen potential employees before you can sign on the dotted line. They want to know who will perform well and those who wont. It is important to note that you should answer each question truthfully and go with the first answer that comes to mind. Overthinking questions will

These questions are all geared to learn a little more about your skills, personality and experience than what was revealed in the Lowes Assessment Test. It’s important to sound confident in your answers and to be an honest. Feel free to use an experience where you didn’t make the correct decision but have subsequently become a greater employee because of it. Take some time before the interview to think the questions through, so if the question is sprung on you can answer with ease and comfort, and give a compelling answer to show why you’re a great candidate.

All positions require a preliminary interview, that will last anywhere from 30-45 minutes. It is usually with the HR manager and the assistant manager present and they will read questions off of a printed sheet. In most cases they will alternate asking one question each, and after they finish asking ten questions or so, you will have an opportunity to ask your own questions as well. The first goal of this interview is to get to know you better.

As a corporation, Lowes is committed to offer customer-valued solutions on the best products and services and at the best prices. Therefore, Lowes is looking for employees who are honest, friendly people who can satisfy their customers every need in every situation, especially under pressure. Any prior experience in customer relations or home improvement goes a long way. In their managers they are looking for calm, decisive people who work well in teams and maintain composure during conflicts. These skills are just some of what the Lowes assessment tests try to detect in their candidates, and well show you the secrets to ace those tests in our Lowes assessment preparation pack.

You can see the obvious trend in these questions, they are all focused on seeing whether or not you can identify the customers every need and satisfy them. Lowes prides itself on their customer based solutions and their approachable, friendly staff that can help you on your project or tackle any home improvement problem. They want to ensure their employees can keep their composure, especially in tense situations with customers. When you answer these questions, make sure you relay a sense of ease, that you resolved the situation properly and remained in control. Your answers should be customer based, and show them that the decisions you made in those situations were to help the customer, and you did so to the best of your ability without breaking any protocol or hurting the company.

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