Krabby Patty secret formula

One episode of ‘SpongeBob’ says the secret ingredient is plankton. In the episode “Plankton’s Army,” Plankton brings his whole family together in yet another plot to steal the secret formula. He figures that the Krusty Krab can get rid of one of them, but not thousands invading the restaurant all at once.

Film Theory: The Secret Ingredient of SpongeBob’s Krabby Patty! (SpongeBob SquarePants)

Krabby Patty secret formula

The Krabby Patty contains both the top bun and the bottom bun, with the top bun containing sesame seeds. It also contains sea cheese, sea lettuce, sea tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and sea onions, all of which can be seen when a Krabby Patty is being made. As well as all of those ingredients are the patty and secret sauce, both of which have unknown ingredients, particularly the patty.

The patty and the other secret ingredients are of the most point of interest. Since there is no mention of where the patty might have come from nor was there very little mention of the ingredients of the patty, said ingredients and other secret ingredients of the Krabby Patty remain a mystery. However, the secret ingredient has a major role in “Patty Caper.”

Throughout the series, Plankton tries to steal the formula, hoping to sell Krabby Patties at the Chum Bucket and run Krabs out of business. Karen gives Plankton many of his plans to steal the formula, and she is able to analyze a Krabby Patty to extract the formula herself, as seen in two episodes. Plankton has temporarily taken the formula on several occasions, most notably in the 2004 and 2020 movies, although the formula was ultimately returned in all cases.

The Krabby Patty secret formula is written in ink on a paper and sealed in a transparent light blue glass bottle with a cork on top to keep its opening secure. The Krabby Patty secret formula is kept only for those who are loyal enough to hide it from evildoers such as Plankton.

A running gag throughout the series is Planktons many attempts to obtain the Krabby Patty formula as a means to attract customers to the Chum Bucket, usually through disguise and deceit. All of Planktons attempts have failed, usually ending with Mr. Krabs throwing him back to the Chum Bucket or snatching the bottle out of his hands. Many of Planktons plans come from Karen, who is more competent at coming up with ways to steal the formula. As shown in episodes such as “Single Cell Anniversary,” “For Here or to Go” and “”Lockdown for Love,” Karen is able to analyze a Krabby Patty to extract the secret formula herself.

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