Know if he misses you based on his Zodiac!

If a Sagittarius man misses you:

It’s important to give Sagittarius the space he needs to figure out how he feels, otherwise, he will run off. It might take him some time, but when Sagittarius starts to miss you, he’s going to be honest and tell you, just be patient.

How To Get A Sagittarius Man To Chase You Again

Know if he misses you based on his Zodiac!

Virgo will put a lot of effort into seeing you or making plans with you. They will try to make time out of their busy schedule to include you. They might even go to the extent of rearranging their schedule just to spend time with you, provided they’re missing you and you matter to them. So don’t ditch Virgo in the last minute because you never know they might have left everything behind just to watch Beauty and the Beast with you.

You’ll know an Aries is missing you when they text you all of a sudden or let’s say calls you to ask how you’re doing. You’ll find them commenting on your display picture from a long time ago. They might try to appear very casual in their approach at reaching out to you but the fact that they are, is proof enough that they are missing you.

Gemini will beat around the bush trying to figure out whether you’re doing during the weekend, hoping for you to raise the question of catching up. They’ll hint at how bored they have been feeling lately and have been looking for a way to rewind, so that you may quickly discover yourself as the saviour!

Capricorn will text and expect you to say you’re missing them. If Capricorn misses you, you’ll know it. They’ll be flirting just too much and drop hints about what’s going through in their heads but they will look to you for reciprocation. If you don’t then they will gradually take a back seat. They won’t express rightly what they feel unless they are sure that you will be excited to know it or you feel the same sort of way.

Aquarius may send you a song or the lyrics to a song or even perhaps a long poem, which they either wrote with you in mind or that which reminded them of you. The fact that Aquarius makes the effort to send you something that reminds them of you or something that they think you would enjoy, such as a meme or a joke only says that you’ve been running through their mind.

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